PNV predicts a month of “lots of speculation” but insists this will not help Feijóo’s investment.

“We are not going to participate in the Vox investment.” That’s how forcefully PNV parliament speaker Aitor Esteban wanted to deal with the PP’s efforts to get five of its deputies to vote for the appointment of Alberto Núñez Feijoo as prime minister. An option that the PP itself has been promoting for weeks, and which has regained power after the king instructed the right-wing leader to try to be appointed by Congress, protected by “custom” and despite lacking the necessary support.

Esteban made the announcements in a canned video sent out by his press team after reporters spent the morning asking about the options that PNV was pushing to invest in Feijoo.

The scores are not in for the Galician, who adds 172 assists compared to 178 nos. Feijoo’s chances come down to getting the PNV to vote yes, which would give him an absolute majority (176), or abstention, which would leave the Galician two MPs short of winning a runoff with a simple majority. achieve more “yes”).

According to the parliamentary representative of PNV, there is no case. In the video, Esteban regrets that the Congress president gave Feijo a month to seek the support he needed. “Practically all parties, if not all, are making positions,” he says. “A month where there will be a lot of speculation, a lot of marketing, but I don’t think there will be any surprises,” he adds.

“If the PP calls us, as a minimum courtesy, you have to go to the meeting,” he admits, adding wryly: “It might help Mr. Feijo and I get to know each other, because we don’t know each other. .” And he concludes, “But it won’t work for anyone else. We’ve already made it clear that we’re not going to participate in Vox’s investment.”

Source: El Diario





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