Cortez Constitution: Follow Congress and Senate votes live

The Junts meet to decide their vote on the Congress table

Khunts meets on Thursday to decide his position on the configuration of the congressional table two hours before the start of the plenary session. The General Secretary of the formation, Jordi Turul, convened an executive meeting of the party at 8:00 am to determine the direction of their vote, most importantly for the decision of the presidency of the lower house.

A few hours after the vote, none of the congressional presidential candidates, Francina Armengol for the PSOE and Kuka Gamara for the PP, have enough votes to be elected. If each bloc balances its numbers, both will get 171 votes, and it all comes down to what the seven MPs from the junta and the Canary coalition decide.

After verifying the inability of PP leader Alberto Núñez Feijo to form a parliamentary majority, any chance of forming a government goes to a progressive executive backed by the Basque and Catalan nationalist and independence parties. The poll results give the junta a crucial role in the country’s governance and even the viability of the fledgling legislature.

All agree that unless these votes favor a progressive majority in the council, chaired by Socialist Francina Armengoli, the legislature will be doomed to an irreparable deadlock and thus a repeat election.

Puigdemont is bringing the country to a standstill with decisions about Congress and the legislature

This will be the first session of the congress: it will start at 10:00 with the age table chaired by Cristina Narbona.

The constitutional session of the new Congress this Thursday will be chaired by the Table of Centuries, made up entirely of Socialist MPs and led by the party’s president and vice president of the Senate, Cristina Narbonne, 72.

The rules of the Congress stipulate that this table will be chaired by the oldest of the 350 members of the House, assisted by the two youngest as secretaries. They are Ada Santana, the youngest deputy elected by Las Palmas and Secretary General of the Socialist Youth of the Canary Islands, who is 25 years old, and Barcelona MP Ferran Verdejo, who is 26 years old and is the secretary of the youth organization. PSC and his party representative in Cardona City Council since 2019.

Narbonne, 72, will replace Agustín Zamarón, also a Socialist, known as “PSOE’s Valle Inclán” due to his physical resemblance to the author of “Luces de Bohemia”, who presided over the last two constitutional sessions in 2019. , but he did not stand in the July elections.

The constitutional session of the Congress under Narbonne’s chairmanship will begin on Thursday at ten o’clock in the morning. The two secretaries of the Age Council will be instructed to read the names of the elected and filed contested-election appeals.

Then the voting for the election of the members of the board of the chamber will begin, which will be through a ballot and a box. First, a person will be elected to be the chairman of the chamber, and then four vice-presidents and four secretaries will be appointed in two consecutive rounds.

Source: El Diario





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