Abascali confirms Peppa Milan as Vox’s spokeswoman in Congress and attributes internal criticism to former lawmakers who failed to pass the act.

Santiago Abascal this Wednesday tried to close the open crisis in his party, after the departure of Ivan Espinoza de los Monteros from the leadership of the formation. The leader of Vox announced in the Congress that Peppa Milan will be the new speaker of the parliamentary group. This law graduate worked in the last legislature as a party advisor in the Andalusian Parliament and was a senator with an autonomous designation for the same autonomous community.

“Vox is losing a great speaker, but it’s also gaining a great speaker with Pepa Milan,” Abasqueli assured the media when asked about the departure of Espinosa de los Monteros, who was the speaker of the parliamentary group in the last legislature. These were their first announcements since their training was disrupted by the departure of one of its founders.

Beyond the criticisms that party members have made publicly and privately of the party’s current leadership, Abascali insists that there is “no family” and “no faction” in his formation. And he attributed the criticism of some former MPs, such as economist Ruben Manso, to the fact that “there are always people who are not satisfied when they don’t get a certificate and when they don’t get elected.”

In announcing the decision, Espinosa de los Monteros only claimed “personal and family reasons”. Beyond the official version, however, his resignation revealed a struggle between two opposing sectors of Vox: the one led by Espinosa himself, more liberal and less extreme; And the most traditionalist and ultra-Catholic, represented by the first vice-president, Jorge Buxade, who started in politics in various phalanx candidacies and is associated with Opus Dei.

In statements made this Wednesday, Abascali tried to resolve the story by ensuring that there was “no political or programmatic reason” in the decision made by his former MP, although he admitted that “it is a great loss” Vox. Still, he noted that there is a “career” and a “future” in his formation with the Milan appointment.

Source: El Diario





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