Yolanda Díaz tightens her tone against Vox: “Abascal’s Spain is the black and white of Francoism, I don’t want García Lorcas anymore”

Sumar leader Yolanda Díaz on Thursday attacked the far right and a possible coalition government between Vox and the Popular Party, linking Santiago Abascal’s party to the Franco dictatorship and the murder of Granada poet Federico Garcia. Lorca. “The Spain of Abascal and the PP governments must return to the black and white times of Francoism. I don’t want García Lorcas anymore, I want people to be happy,” he said in an interview on Antena 3.

So far, the government’s second vice president and labor minister has not bothered to criticize the far-right at a time when polls have Summar and Vox technically tied for third, but he has been referring to the formation. As the “Party of Hate” or in their recent campaign speeches as the “Ultramontanes”. This Thursday, he toughened his tone, repeatedly accusing Abascal of being “beyond the constitution,” of “racism” and of violating the rights of women and LGBT people. “This election is for couples. Feijo will have a vice president, Mr. Abascal, who is a racist person,” he warned.

Dias drew three possible scenarios after the election campaign: “Those who want to return us to 50 years ago, the proposal of PP and Vox. His proposals, which are unconstitutional, racist and of course in violation of the rights of women and LGBT people. Another project that needs to continue and stay as we are [para referirse al PSOE]. Spain is better than all this and it will be like this from July 23”, he said about the coalition government of the Socialists and their political formation.

The second vice president brought up the possibility of a PP and Vox executive on virtually every issue that Susanna Grizzo questioned him on her program, but especially when the interview was about feminism. A reporter asked her about the alleged divide between classical or traditional feminism, and what figures like trans writer Elizabeth Duvall, who has joined Summar’s campaign as a spokeswoman on the issue, might represent. “When you ask this question about traditional feminism, you divide feminism. If we divide feminism, Abascal and her theses win,” Diaz replied.

And then he defended the demonstrations that fill the streets every March 8 for Women’s Day. “Feminist men and women have come forward to continue to defend a better Spain.” Abascal’s Spain and the PP governments must return to the black and white times of Francoism. I don’t want Garcia Lorcas anymore; I want people to be happy, to be able to live with dignity. Spain is a country that is recognized throughout the world as being at the forefront of civil rights,” he defended.

She maintains the same line, also questioning the Ministry of Equality’s flagship laws in this legislature, such as the Trans Law or the “Only Yes is Yes” law. “I am a defender of trans law and a Spain that wins rights. The “only yes is yes” law has been well-received in Congress, and Spain is now at great risk. Feijóo conflated ultras who violate women’s rights, who deny sexist violence and who attack LGTBI people with homophobia,” he reiterated.

Diaz, as in previous cases, argued that “something better could have been done” with the sexual freedom law, but he immediately accused PP and Vox again. “No weakness with those who rule and put in their government those who reject sexist violence. Those who are racist and promote hate. Abaskel wants to make feminism a war of the sexes. Feiyo bought the story. “Feiyo legalized that a woman is violated because the man had an acrimonious divorce and did not apologize,” recalls Diaz.

The vice-president even brushed off the strategy of his coalition candidate in Seville, turning his back on the far-right candidate during the last debate of the candidates on Canal Sur. “You will have to debate with everyone, even those who are racist and violate constitutional rights,” he said when asked about the gesture by Professor Francisco Sierra. “Vox is outside the constitution and international legality, but I think we have to look at them squarely, no matter how much we’re outraged,” he defended. “You must speak directly,” he repeated.

calls for the mobilization of women in the campaign

Yolanda Díaz’s team knows that a good performance by Sumar is key to repeating the progressive coalition that ruled in the previous legislature. And it does so by staying ahead of the far-right formation in the medium-sized provinces, which split five and eight seats to take the last place out of the Abascal scale. For this reason, in the first actions he took during this campaign, Díaz addressed several messages to the mobilization of women, where the extreme right has less support.

“Either us or Vox. We are going to win this last seat,” said Sumar-Compromise candidate in that province, Francesc Mezquita, during a rally this Saturday that Díaz celebrated with his companions in the capital’s Valencia community list. Based on this scenario, the leader of the coalition directly appealed to Santiago Abascal. “He says I’m dangerous,” he began. “What happens is there are men who are afraid of free women. We are going to fill the boxes with Sumari’s votes for the free women of this country,” she replied. In the coalition, they understand that there is no better answer to the message of the extreme right than to install Yolanda Díaz as president.

Source: El Diario





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