Casero confirms that he was wrong when he voted for the labor reform and rejects the version of the electronic decision presented by the PP.

All this happened on February 3, 2022 in the Congress of Deputies, which experienced one of the most surreal sessions in its history. The Popular Party, then in the hands of Pablo Casado, organized a plan to overthrow the government’s labor reform, which was agreed upon by the unions and businessmen. But the mistake of one of the popular deputies, Alberto Casero, ruined everything. Now Sound documentary “For the Sound”, available on Cadena Ser Starting this Monday, recreate that fateful day.

“I was wrong at least at an opportune moment, on the most opportune day,” the parliamentarian admits during the documentary. His thesis refutes the electronic failure version then put forward by PP. Casado’s leadership spoke of “fraud” in Yolanda Díaz’s labor counter-reform vote, which prevented the PP from overturning one of the star projects of the coalition government’s legislature.

And the PP leadership accused the president of the Congress, Meritxel Battet, although in reality, they lost the vote because Casero, who enjoyed the right to vote from home, where he was recovering from the COVID-19 infection, voted. Not once, but five times. The thesis that the system failed, not the deputy from Cáceres and that it was “Pucherazo”, does not make the error obvious.

The work of Cadena SER journalists Sara Selva and Guillermo Lerma provides new data about one of the most surreal days of the past legislature. For example, when confirming that he was wrong, Casero reported to the PP leadership, who asked him to get out of bed and try to come to Congress to correct the mistake in person. He didn’t give an explanation, he couldn’t understand the reason for the urgency, but he got dressed and got into a taxi.

On the way to Carrera de San Geronimo, through the car radio, the deputy began to understand the extent of his confusion.

The audio documentary, in which the former PP MP tells for the first time about the psychological and personal wear and tear he suffered as a result of his mistake of being mocked and harassed on social networks, also features the voices of the rest of the protagonists. : From Vice President Yolanda Díaz to PSOE and UPN negotiators, Santos Cerdán and Javier Esparza, or Congress Vice President Alfonso Gómez de Celis.

Source: El Diario





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