Feijoo should review the lesson on euthanasia law again

It is true that the main quote of the election campaign, even when they have not yet started, is “El homiguero”. During his appearance on Wednesday’s show, Alberto Núñez Feijo made a superhuman effort to be friendly and relatable, not the serious guy you wouldn’t imagine telling a joke over a beer. You have to imagine that Borja Semper trains the boss all day to try to be… charismatic. It’s hard when you haven’t stepped out of a company car or a party since the age of 29 because of a long political career. But Feiyo tried and there was no mess.

Pablo Motos asked him questions that the People’s Party didn’t think would affect him much when Pedro Sánchez announced the election call. He avoided the issue of agreements with Vox as much as possible and said that PP will not allow the existence of gender violence to be questioned. There was only one subject in which he sank the ship in a resounding way, and that was the euthanasia law, in response to which there was an astonishing absurdity.

A day after Pedro Sánchez came out very well from an interview on the same show, Feijo had to keep up the good work and clarify some things about the agreements with the far right. Only a few days earlier, the ABC chose as its headline not the news, but the headline of Genoa and therefore of its leader: “PP has already lost 15 days of the election campaign. His entanglement with Vox”. be carefulThat you started the final sprint with mercy.

“The Vox case haunts him,” Pablo Motos told him, referring to the text of the Valencia agreement, which only mentioned “domestic violence.” “It’s not just a word,” he warned. First of all, Feijo tried to escape: “The focus is on domestic violence. This document does not contradict the Gender Violence Law of the Community of Valencia.” He then confirmed that the policy of equality in the region would be in the council controlled by his party. Later, he decided to stick with what he had to say. “I am not going to negotiate on sexist violence. That is, providing Vox’s support will not be a concession.

Future negotiations, if the PP is the party with the most votes, will logically depend on the number of seats each party wins. Motos asked him directly if Santiago Abascal would be his vice president. Feijoo replied that his government would have a vice president. These two things are not incompatible. He became bombastic when it came time to speak on Vox. “I’m not Pedro Sánchez. I’m not going to agree with Bildu.” Everyone knows that, even Bildu.

Denying the nervousness starting on the right in the wake of an election they believed they had won after their success in 28M, Feijo was so sure of himself that he did what he should not have done before polling day: give. You’re going to win, which might make a few of your constituents think their vote isn’t that important. “Polls say that the People’s Party is going to win. I believe in them.”

He went straight to crunching the numbers. “They say that I am away from the absolute majority by twenty or thirty mandates.” The latest from Sigma 2 for El Mundo, which usually gives favorable results for PP, doesn’t say that. It served him to make the audience believe that he can achieve the same things that Moreno Bonilla and Diaz Ayuso had in Madrid and Andalucia. If that were the case, the ABC director wouldn’t have drunk a liter of lime blossom before deciding on a 15-day frenzy of cover.

It was worse when Motos pledged to reform the euthanasia law. “A meeting place would be convenient,” he said, which is the same as saying nothing. He spoke of hearing bioethics committees as if the job of legislation would be handed over to scientists. Motos grew impatient when Feijo approached ALS patients. “Exactly, a lot of ALS patients love it,” he told her. Other words from Feiyo, not to be positioned, and another phrase from the host: “They don’t want to continue suffering, nor do they want their loved ones to suffer.”

Feiyo was a little caught off guard and did something that didn’t seem very sincere. First, with a phrase that implied a certain stupidity on the part of people who demand euthanasia to end so much suffering. “This person may make a different decision in a week.” Are these patients seriously changing their minds about the situation they have experienced for years?

It was difficult to explain it worse, but the PP leader succeeded. He brought up the case of his father’s death, which was comforting in his last moments, when doctors could do nothing else in a Parkinson’s patient for fifteen years. The family accepted. It was a palliative case that had been legislated for years. It has nothing to do with euthanasia. We don’t know what Feijo wants to do with the law he promised to change.

Speaking about the economy, he said that Spain “is the last country in the EU to create jobs from 2019”. He is not interested in the present, because Spain leads the ranking in terms of GDP growth. At least this time he didn’t comment that we’re headed for a “very deep economic crisis,” as he said in the summer.

But as is always the case when talking about the economy, he said he was surprised to find that in some places an orange costs as much as a plastic bag, for which you have to pay 15 cents in some places. The only complaint is that this tax was imposed to reduce the use of plastic.

It is very likely that consumers are more concerned about the price of oranges and food in general than the price of bags.

However, a confusing and poorly explained economic example is the overall result of Feijoo’s interventions. The most important thing for him is that he got out of the stake alive. He is no longer there to continue losing the lead he thought he had after 28 million.

Source: El Diario





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