The Ministry of Internal Affairs found more than 13,000 euros on the union card of the current leader of Yupoli without justification.

The police’s internal affairs department has in recent days submitted a report to the judge investigating the alleged embezzlement of the majority police union in Jupol, in which it confirms that the expenses of its current secretary are more than 13,000 euros. The general, Aaron Rivero, with a trade union card that does not find justification in the documents provided by the organization at the request of the court, sources close to the case have gone to

The police report is the result of an order that the head of Madrid’s 53rd investigative court gave to the interior ministry to find out the destination of almost 360,000 euros from the union between January 2019 and June 2021, six months earlier. Yupol covered the first trade union election in which it ran until the departure of its previous general secretary, José María García. In this case, the union, as a legal entity, and Garcia himself are accused of embezzlement.

However, the judicial investigation already concerns the current leader of Yupoli, Aaron Rivero. At that time, the general secretary of the union was a member of the leadership under investigation. That union leadership had 97 credit cards, the Home Office found. After the first report of this unit, the judge requested new documentation from the union, and the latest report from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which came to the court a few days ago, is the result of the analysis of this documentation.

A new Home Affairs report, according to the sources consulted, justified small cash withdrawals from Rivero, but not Union card payments of more than €13,000 without controls or accreditation. According to the new internal affairs report, the judge must decide whether to extend the charges against the general secretary, Aaron Rivero and other members of the current management of Yupoli, or, as the union requested, to archive the proceedings.

Madrid’s Investigative Court number 53 is investigating how the union spent €359,434 between January 2019 and June 2021. The union is funded by its members’ fees, and receives public funds based on its broad representation on the police council. The message of revival to some traditional unions, which they accused of staunchly protecting police interests and living off benefits, was shaken when the Home Office investigation became known.

During the investigated period, under the Special Subsidy Plan of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Yupol received 380,731.22 euros of public money for his representation on the Police Board. The figure reflects his landslide success in the elections to the Police Board, a body that represents unions and administration, and which is divided into vowels by scale.

To questions from about the unjustified expenses of his current secretary general, Jupol responded to this media with a note in which he claims that “he cannot defend himself” from the statements included in the internal affairs report, because the court “forbids teaching. It.” Yupoli tried to get the judge to declare the case confidential so that his accomplishments would not be revealed, but the investigator, according to the prosecutor’s office, rejected the claim: “There is no reason for internal affairs division reports to be confidential. The National Police, united now and in the future, deny any interest in the representation of the Union of Jupol.”

For Yupole, the latest internal affairs report “is an inconclusive report that is irrelevant to the investigation.” “This is a direct attack by the government and the government association to discredit us,” they added in their note.

Elections in the police

Yupol is linking the recent Internal Affairs Division report and its “leaks” to next Wednesday’s police council elections, which will verify a resounding victory for Yupol in 2019, the first time it has been held. Presented, the election, which reached a full investigation into the fact of embezzlement of the organization.

Last January, Judge Mónica Aguirre de la Cuesta accepted the legal action proposed by the police’s internal affairs department and demanded from Jupol all the information about the almost 360,000 euros spent on 97 credit cards, which are distributed among the persons responsible for the connection.

A court order addressed to Caixabank revealed the names of 97 plastic beneficiaries and their card numbers. In the first report of the internal affairs, the investigators blamed the current leader of Yupoli, Aaron Rivero, for spending 5,361 euros with plastic, which, after analyzing, the new documentation unreasonably exceeds more than 13,000.

After receiving the latest report from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Judge Aguirre de la Cuesta requested an extension of the investigation until next December. Yupoli, on the other hand, requests case materials.

Source: El Diario





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