Prosecutors request Theodoro Garcia-Egea to file a lawsuit against InfoLibre for leaking secrets.

The Madrid prosecutor’s office has demanded the opening of a case of disclosure of digital secrets Free information And one of his journalists following the complaint of Theodoro Garcia-Egea, the second issue of the former People’s Party. This media published WhatsApp conversations between Garcia-Aegean and the president of the region of Murcia, Fernando Lopez Miras, where they talked about the possible kindness of the first relative during the surgery.

The information released by InfoLibre in June also included WhatsApp messages that were both crossed and captured by Murcia Regional Assembly cameras on April 14th. The newspaper, which had access to the records, denounced that the president of Morsian’s government was mediating with Garcia Egea’s relative at a regional public hospital.

The prosecutor’s office is now asking the 18th court of Madrid to initiate the case, as there is no possibility of accusing a journalist, media or assembly staff member of the crime of revealing secrets.

For the prosecutor’s office, this journalistic activity did not exceed the legal limit. “The data that appeared in the news was strictly needed to publish a valuable news event,” the statement said.

The WhatsApp conversation, he adds, “reflects a case of alleged corruption between politicians who retain the same Fernando Lopez Miras and Theodore Garcia Egea.” In addition, the information was published, but “without providing other data, without the news worthy of interest, and it would have affected a third party who was not involved,” as the news did not name a second relative of the then-People’s Party number.

Source: El Diario





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