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Yolanda Díaz’s face will be displayed on Summar’s ballots

Sumari ballots for the July 23 general election will feature an image of Yolanda Díaz’s face. Chain BE and was able to confirm During the negotiations, it was decided that the team of the second vice-president, together with the rest of the formations, maintains that it aspires to be grouped in the same coalition. In addition to the image on the face of the Minister of Labor, only the word addition will be added to the ballot logo. It’s a strategy that Podemos used in the past with Pablo Iglesia or Inigo Errejón and Manuela Carmena when they ran it against Madrid.

The decision means that the logo accompanying the ballots will not include the initials of the various parties that will eventually form the coalition, which is still being negotiated. Its registration deadline ends at midnight this Friday, but so far only one major party, which is set to join its electoral platform for the July 23 general election, has already reached an agreement with Sumer. Compromise has done so this morning, with a deal that guarantees it tops the list in Valencia and retains second place in Castellón and Alicante. The bulletin will be called “Compromís-Sumar: Sumem per Guanyar”.

The agreement with the compromise, which the organization must ratify this Friday, follows the agreement that Sumar has already reached with several smaller formations or purely territorial implementations, such as Verdes Equo, Proyecto Drago de Alberto Rodríguez, Chunta Aragonesista. , Navarre bazaar or Balearic coalition AraMés.

However, the Gordian knot of the negotiations lies in the pact being attempted with Podemos, which has extended the dialogue deadline until this Friday, despite the intention of all parties to resolve the discussion. Wednesday. On the same Friday, the bases of the formation led by Ione Bellara supported with 92.9% of the votes, which leadership has full authority to negotiate and, if necessary, to seal the coalition agreement with Yolanda Díaz’s platform, after a maximum of two days. Tensions in negotiations. The party this Thursday proposed to attend Sumar throughout the country, except to bypass the veto of the community of Valencia, which they claimed would compromise them in the region.

Source: El Diario





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