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Podemos bases confirm with 93% of votes that the management will close the agreement with Sumar.

The Podemos bases have given the leadership full authority to negotiate and, if necessary, reach a coalition agreement with Sumer. The consultation launched this Thursday in the middle of the negotiation process with Yolanda Díaz’s team received 49,089 votes, 92.9% of the total. 52,829 people participated in it. There were 3,568 against, 6.75% and 172 blank votes. After this result, the State Coordinating Council Executive A party has a free hand to decide whether to join a coalition with other parties in the progressive space without re-ratifying the final agreement during a new consultation with registered persons.

Yesterday, Podemos started a consultative process with the bases, so that the management can act freely in the final hours of negotiations with Sumer. Within the party, they argue that the negotiating terms piloted by Diaz’s team barely left room for further ratification consultations, since the deadline for coalition registration for the July 23 general election ends that Friday at midnight.

This Thursday, Podemos negotiators confirmed that a deal was not close to being closed, listing the presence of Equality Minister Irene Montero as one of the main obstacles. Because of this, in the afternoon, the general secretary of the party, Ione Bellara, announced a call for consultation in a message published on social networks. The exact question that the registrants answered is the following: “Do you agree that the Podemos Coordination Council, in accordance with the unity criteria set by the State Civil Council, will negotiate with Sumar and, if necessary, agree on an electoral alliance between Podemos and Add.” ?

“As you know, negotiations are not easy. That is why I would like to ask for your support so that the Podemos Coordination Council can negotiate and, if necessary, reach an electoral unity agreement with Sumer. With the mandate given to us by the CEC. The consultation will be open until 10am tomorrow,” Bellara said yesterday in a video in which he issued the call. Usually, the party submits already reached agreements or preliminary agreements to the militants’ vote, but they believe that this scenario is not viable, given the negotiations led by Yolanda Díaz’s team, and for this reason, what they are asking for is authorization. From the bases, leave the final decision in the hands of the secretariat. There are currently 24 people in the Coordination Council, which meets this Friday, among which, in addition to Bellara and the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, the main names of Podemos, such as Lilit Verstringe, secretary of the organization, Pablo Echenique, Isa Serra. Idoya Villanueva, Ignacio Alvarez or Angela Rodriguez.

While those registered continued to vote, on Thursday night Podemos announced that it had raised the possibility of participating in a coalition in the whole country, except for the community of Valencia. Reason? “Block the situation with the veto in this area”, the sources explain regarding the intention expressed by the compromise, they argue, to monopolize the initial positions in the community of Valencia, which in practice translates into leaving Podemos without representation. Constituencies of Valencia, Castellion and Alicante. Sumar immediately rejected the proposal.

This Friday, the terms of the agreement between the Compromise and Sumar are known: the head of Joan Baldov’s list will be in Valencia, the three district numbers two and guaranteed autonomy for their deputies and the agenda of Valencia. The bulletin will be called Compromís-Sumar: Sumem per Guanyar. The executives of Iniciativa and Més have already received permission; Having passed the first filter, the compromise governing body must now give the green light.

Source: El Diario





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