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Christian advocates will have to pay €500 to prevent the Post Office from issuing the PCE centenary stamp.

The High Court of Justice of Madrid has upheld a costs order against the Association of Christian Lawyers for its attempt to paralyze the Post Office’s issuance of a stamp commemorating the centenary of the Spanish Communist Party (PCE). The judge issued a very restraining order, without going into the merits of the case, which he later overturned, so the stamp was extended to November 2022.

According to the decision of the sixth part of the protest-administrative chamber of the TSJ, the association of Christian lawyers must pay 500 euros as costs. The higher instance will rule on the decision of the chairman of the 30th Court of Inquiry before the association appeals, who initially decided to quickly approve the association’s arguments without hearing the parties. He paralyzed the issue of stamps because to allow it would be to undermine the appeal of Christian lawyers, he argued at the time.

“Let’s remember that Communist Party members are currently in government and next year is an election year,” Polonia Castellanos, a lawyer for the organization, said on Twitter. “This stamp was issued and published years ago after the Paracuelo massacre, when thousands of Catholics were killed by the Communist Party and its associates simply because of their faith,” he added.

For his part, the state attorney representing Correos explained to the magistrate that the creation of this stamp stems from a request made by the PCE itself to the State Philatelic Commission in October 2020, “to commemorate the centenary of the Communist Party of Spain. ” and that “for the 2021 calendar it could not be attended as it was already closed.” The order was soon made.

After hearing arguments from Christian lawyers and the state attorney representing Correos, the judge canceled the measure. The Ultra Association appealed unsuccessfully, and pending appeal, the TSJ’s Appeals-Administrative Chamber says that, contrary to its arguments, it cannot be accepted that “the initial adoption of a very temporary measure automatically raises serious doubts.” . It was simply a necessary measure before the merits of the case, which is why TSJM.

“But after the administration found out and the need for urgent action disappeared, the substantive examination of the allegations on both sides led to a different conclusion, the latter not the product of serious suspicions, but of litigation. Already with all the elements, and in particular, the counterparty participating in their allegations, necessary to guarantee the substantive principle of mutual consideration, it undermines the automaticity claimed by the appellant,” the judges of the Sixth Section added.

The Christian Lawyers are an ultra-association devoted to anything that seems offensive to religious feelings with unequal luck. In this case, he overrode “religious sentiments” and said that Koreos could not celebrate the centenary of the PCE, the main party in the democratic transition and legalized since 1977.

Recently, Christian Lawyers managed to prosecute three comedians who parodied the Virgin Mary on regional Catalan television.

Source: El Diario





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