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PP and Vox begin talks in Guadalajara to reach a government agreement

First conversation and only one face-to-face meeting between PP and Vox to reach a government agreement in Guadalajara, apart from two phone calls. Both formations deny that there is a closed pact, which some media are reporting today, explaining that there are still days for negotiations. They also deny the published information which proves that there is even a division of departments already in place. “Nothing is closed or fixed,” PP sources say. On Vox’s part, they claim that they are “working hard” to reach an agreement that “benefits citizens” but “respects the Vox voter.”

In the last municipal elections, Alberto Rojo’s PSOE managed to win one more mayor than in 2019, which is not enough for an absolute majority of 13 councilors in the provincial capital. On the other hand, the sum of 9 PP councilors of Ana Guarinos candidacy with 4 of Vox led by Javier Toquero really gives the amount of this agreement.

After learning the results of the elections on May 28, Ana Guarinos emphasized that she is “absolutely sure” that there will be a “center-right” government in the city. “Gudalajara’s right-wing center has the right to govern the city,” he said on the eve of the elections. “Citizens of Guadalajara chose changes and a change in the course of the city at the elections. Thank you, thank you and thank you with all my heart,” he said.

Ana Guarinos is the General Coordinator of PP Castilla-La Mancha and was the Vice-President of the Regional Courts in the last legislature. He was also a councilor in the capital city of Guadalajara and also in Molina de Aragon. Javier Toquero, on the other hand, is a fire protection systems technician and vice president of the provincial executive committee of Vox Guadalajara. He is also a councilor.

However, Vox’s sources claim that “everything may or may not change in four days” and insist that there is still time for negotiations until June 17, the date when city councils are formed. Alberto Rojo, who is still acting mayor, has already confirmed that he will run for the investiture, despite not having enough support.

Source: El Diario





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