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Canizares (PP) plans to govern without Vox in the Ciudad Real city council and seek specific “agreements”.

The winner of the municipal elections in Ciudad Real for the PP, Paco Canizares, assured that the party “does not need a pact” to govern the city, at the same time that it appreciates the “implementation of a project for the city. The future” in the capital. This was discussed on Wednesday with the president of the Ciudad Real PP, Miguel Ángel He said at the press conference with Valverde in Plaza de la Constitución.

Canizares, when asked if his proposal would be to govern alone, replied that “they would need agreements to achieve certain projects” and that “they will see the willingness of other parties to reach agreements”.

Similarly, when asked about possible coalitions to form a government in the capital, Canizares replied that “the party gives the winning candidates the ability to negotiate in each municipality”, which he called “a great fortune”, because “it allows them to think of the best for Ciudad Real.

“We’re going to work so that Feijo is president, but as far as the city is concerned, we’re not going to enter the campaign of other parties that might look national,” he said, adding that “they’ve had conversations with Vox,” a party that , according to Canizares, “must do an internal reflection to know what they want to do in the government of Ciudad Real”.

In the same line, he commented that “when the Green Party wants to talk about building a majority or agreements, they are open.” Asked if he is going to run for senator, he said he told Valverde he doesn’t want to run in the general election as a candidate for the Senate because “he wants to focus on Ciudad Real.”

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