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PP puts its barons against the government to negotiate 94,000 million European funds.

A new PP rebellion against Pedro Sánchez’s government for European funds. This time the expansion of recovery funds due to approval by the Council of Ministers: a loan of 94,000 million euros, which was officially requested this Tuesday. The autonomous PP governments and candidates for the regional presidency in the last elections sent a letter to the economic vice-president, Nadia Calvinho, angering her for taking this step, which is in line with the executive and for which she had until August 31, without allegedly consulting the communities.

PP leaders complain that the proposals they sent to the Ministry of Economy were not taken into account. However, sources in the department under the leadership of Calvino claim that “the main contributions of parliamentary groups, social agents and territorial administrations have been made”. In the case of communities, the ministry claims that “main contributions of the autonomies” made “before and after the introduction of the first draft of the addition published in December” were included. “In other words, they know the whole approach,” they add amid criticism of the PP.

“We consider this approval and submission to be exportable because we believe that the current political scenario, with significant changes in regional governments and general elections that could lead to a change of government in Spain, does not meet the minimum conditions for offering the program.” What depth are we talking about, and even more so, without consensus”, PP leaders note in the letter.

However, from the economy, they recall that “the process of developing the supplement materialized as a result of more than 200 meetings specifically dedicated to the plan, such as the social dialogue table, conferences and sectoral commissions, bilateral communications, bilateral meetings of groups of parliamentarians. The Vice President, more than 90 technical meetings chaired by the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, of a more technical nature, regarding the addition, high-level forums, advisory councils and parliamentary speeches of government representatives”, as well as “bilateral meetings” of the Vice President with the Presidents of the Autonomous Communities” .

This maneuver represents the PP’s twentieth attempt to discredit the government’s management of recovery funds, even though it has the approval of the European Commission. In addition to the recovery plan, the Council of Ministers approved the request on Tuesday and the European Commission now has two months to approve it. This is a framework agreement for disbursements of up to €94,000 million that will be inherited by the next government, which may or may not require specific sections.

“Management of next generation funds, which is done directly by the government, is not going well. Everything would work better if we took into account, as we asked you from the beginning”, – say conservative financial managers, despite the fact that Spain is the leading country in terms of European funds with the consent of Brussels.

The PP also uses the conclusions of the European Parliament Commission, which during its visit to Spain was limited to Spain’s request for better access to data, although in a later report it indicated cooperation in sectoral conferences to develop projects. Events which, according to the government, are already being prepared. “We are concerned that the addition repeats a serious flaw already highlighted in the report of the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control on the tranche of transfers: the insufficient level of dialogue, negotiation and agreement with the autonomous communities,” said the letter signed by the states of Andalusia, Madrid, Galicia, Murcia and Castilla y León. Economic leaders of the governments and candidates of La Rioja, the Community of Valencia, Extremadura, the Balearic Islands, Aragon and Cantabria, in addition to the autonomous cities. Ceuta and Melilla.

Source: El Diario





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