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Izquierda Unida bets on Sumar and Yolanda Diaz: “They are the best chance to win the generals”

Izquierda Unida released a statement in which they are ready to unify through the candidacy of Sumar and Yolanda Díaz. “The candidacy of Sumari and Yolanda Dias is the best opportunity to propose this project for the country and win the general elections.

The party, coordinated by Alberto Garzoni, analyzes the results of the 28 million municipal and regional elections and makes a self-criticism: “The left, in general, is in a state of confusion,” they admit. “If we give ‘the truth’ and if we prove a policy in favor of the majority, but then it turns out that they don’t vote for us in the way we expect, there is a risk that voters will be blamed,” they add. in the text.

IU urges left forces to unite amid upcoming general elections: “No time for regrets, general election call calls us to live for our country.”

Document | The BOE publishes the call for the July 23 general election

The Official State Gazette (BOE) this Tuesday published a call for the next general election on July 23, as well as the dissolution of the Cortes, a decree signed by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Felipe VI.

This publication is effective immediately and the election period opens with it. The campaign will last for fifteen days, according to the document, starting on Friday, July 7 at zero hours and ending on Friday, July 21 at twenty-four hours. Chambers will meet on August 17 at 10:00 a.m. to hold the founding session.

Source: El Diario





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