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We are already Americans in politics. Be comfortable, it won’t be pretty

“Bruce Sprinter” in Spain, the fastest rock singer in 100 meters. Betis wants Sevilla to win in Europe. Murcians become La Rioja. In Badajoz, he said he was in Andalusia. He came out in Valencia and said it was Barcelona. He mixed up AVE and Falcon. The “impressive” light of Cadiz dilated his pupils. Alberto Núñez Feijo has had a campaign full of comical moments and missteps that stem from how much he suffers when he doesn’t have a role in front of him. And sometimes even with documents. Attendees at his rallies might try to comment: Look at his students, I want what that guy’s drinking. Even if it’s not legal.

The same was the case with Siniestro Total, a band from Vigo who started their farewell concert in Madrid with an energetic “Goodnight, Santander”.

Feijóo’s first national campaign, in which they play on his neck, was not really a success. He had to improvise. The economy left him stranded. The script he had been preparing since the summer with a “very deep” economic crisis that would make things easier for him ended up in the recycling bin.

He only had the opportunity to receive the textbook of Isabel Dias Ayuso. The moderate Juan Moreno from Galicia, his Andalusian friend and the moderate Borja Semper as party spokesman, finally danced to the rhythm that Ayuso played after the pandemic.

It might not go bad. Narciso Michavilla, president of the GAD3 polling company, has assured the Popular Party that victory in the Valencian Community and Aragon is within reach of the right-wing bloc. As has been said for months, what happens in the first community dictates the interpretation of the results. After the PSOE suffered a vote hemorrhaging in Andalucía, which it seems unable to stop, if the left loses Valencia, it remains in the bones. Other results, such as those in Barcelona and Seville, will be important, but they will not carry as much weight in the headlines.

In any case, in the end it may turn out that a few thousand votes in two regions and two cities will decide between victory and defeat. It may happen that the headlines do not show us the forest. Of course, there are no trees to be seen in Madrid because Almeida has already taken care of them.

In a country where polls show that Spanish people are worried about inflation above all, and where more than 60% of people say their personal economic situation is good or very good, according to the CIS, the PP has put all its chips in the box. A national crusade against Sanchism.

“Between Sanchism or Spain, Spain,” Fayo said at a recent campaign rally in Madrid, a slogan with the unmistakable flavor of Miguel Angel Rodríguez’s factory of ideas. Anyone who is not with the PP is anti-Spain, which is still attached. Those who are not “good Spaniards”, as Feijo has already said in the Senate. the good and the bad. The fate of the nation is at stake in the elections. Because we already know that the Saracens came and beat us to death, that God helps the bad when they outnumber the good.

The PP has chosen the already trodden paths in this convulsive legislature. Ayuso was there to report it on May 18: “ETA is alive, it is in power, it lives on our money, it wants to destroy Spain.” Did ETA win the elections in this country in 2019? Why didn’t the media cover it then?

As the nationalist left had done at other times, Bildu reached out to the right and placed seven murderers on their electoral rolls, which were later removed. How could PP waste this gift from the North. The television program “Poland” made people laugh, but the political advantage went to the PP.

Bildu should therefore be outlawed, Ayuso suggested. Or at least study it, as if something like this is incomprehensible after reading the decisions of the Constitutional Court or the Supreme Court. In fact, Genova later said it was legally impossible, but Ayuso didn’t care. He is looking for Vox voters to give him an absolute majority in Madrid. You can’t get any less than Juanma Moreno in Andalucia. Life is about it.

“Ayuso does not have a democratic culture,” replied Consuelo Ordonez, the sister of the councilor killed by ETA. “How can you say that ETA is alive? Is ETA the same killing as it is now? No. Saying these atrocities, which are very painful for the victims, is disrespectful to your own murdered comrades who died for the word he likes. It is too much: freedom. “

Ordonez and his association, Covit, dedicate themselves daily to remembering the police, civil guard, military and politicians killed by ETA. Will such denials have any effect on PP voters? no one. It’s all worth it. If it is necessary to rob a grave to attack the government, it is done. There are shovels for everyone.

Salvador Sostres already wrote this in April in an ABC column praising Ayuso, which was also an undisguised warning to Feijo: “He is in our war. He markets like an Arab, he seduces Catholics, he has a Jewish soul and no one wins. Backstab him. Savage and pizpiretta.” This war. And Ayuso is the best with cuts.How is he not going to win in Madrid with those credentials.

Only the crisis caused by Vinicius’ racist abuse bothered the PP, who preferred to look the other way. “Spain is not a racist country,” Feijo da Ayuso said to the team. and continued to do their work. We are all Vinicius and therefore should not feel alarmed by these attacks.

The campaign did not take place in the coordinates provided by the PSOE from the beginning of 2023 onwards in another example of the failure of the Moncloa strategy. Pedro Sanchez’s mojo only seems to work outside of Spain. In recent weeks, he has dedicated himself to promising public money in many directions. An effective political strategy cannot be made up of pasta alone. If that were the case, governments would always win elections.

To the left of the PSOE, the place has always been reserved for fratricidal battles, as is their trademark. Podemos continued to prepare for future negotiations with Yolanda Día by complaining about the “cookie left” regarding Madrid. It is strange that the party chooses a confrontational terrain in a society in which it received 7.2% of the vote in 2021 (it had 17% in Madrid). If this difference holds, what conclusions are drawn about the type of leftism that voters prefer?

The latest gift to the PP campaign came from the far south. The alleged vote-by-mail electoral fraud in Melilla is a very serious case, the most disturbing to have occurred in Spain’s electoral process in decades. Added to this are other minor cases of possible illegality which have existed in this country before and which have almost always been deadlocked. But the Almería city council of Mojacar includes socialist leaders and the PP saw an open sky. ABC published on its front page a photo of Minister Felix Bolanos at a rally in this city a few days ago. Well, of course he had gone there to plan everything. Investigative Journalism, ACME Brand.

The PP also relied on its history of allegations of fraud in some places – such as the PSOE, local affairs of little national importance – not to mention the removal of elderly people from residences in Galicia, in a vote well guarded by nuns or nuns. Funding outside the law, which spread as an official practice in the community of Valencia.

PP’s answer is different now. It is about casting doubt on the integrity of the electoral process, as was done by the Supreme Court prosecutor who resorted to the Indra trick at a meeting of the Conservative Prosecutors’ Association with Feijo.

Everything rose to maximum expression at the final PP rally. “Sanchez is going to go as he came, trying to shoot,” Ayuso said. He was referring to PSOE’s pathetic attempt to put the ballot box behind the curtain in 2016 in the tumultuous Federal Committee. All this was of no use to Sánchez as he was forced to resign. As a hit, it left a lot to be desired.

The PP took care to spread the obvious stain of what happened in Melilla all over Spain. “I think there is a plan to buy votes in these elections in Spain, to buy votes by mail, involving the PSOE or its partners,” Esteban González Pons said. The far right tweeted the word “Pucherazzo” to cast doubt. And that a year ago PSOE and PP were competing to prove that Spain is a “full democracy”.

It is not worth condemning the opposite ideology. As has been observed in the United States with the agitation and propaganda of the Republican Party and its media allies, a political competitor must be seen as an enemy of freedom and democracy who is willing to even pollute the ballot box to achieve his goals.

Unless there is evidence of a national conspiracy, that’s not a problem either. The main thing is to sow the fear of massive fraud, just as in the pandemic it was said that measures to prevent the death toll from continuing were at risk of citizens’ rights.

Some journalists complained bitterly about the “mud” of the campaign, the verbal violence inherent in Spanish political controversy. They are right, but they have no reason to be surprised. This is the inevitable culmination of extreme polarization in this legislature.

We have come full circle with our progressive and persistent approach to US politics and its worst vices. We are already like them. It’s not all our fault, but we all pay the consequences.


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