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Ayuso accuses Pedro Sánchez of attempting a ‘pucherazo’ before Feijo’s applause ‘like another branch’.

Dj Pulpo organized a party that dozens of young (and not so young) militants of the PP in Madrid celebrated this Friday afternoon in the “Hall” of the Municipal Palace of Congresses in the capital. Beer at 3.95, music at a disco decibel, insulting opponents in Sunday’s elections and excessive joy at the further closure of Isabel Diaz Ayuso’s campaign. This was also the case for the party’s mayoral candidate, José Luis Martínez Almeida, and the national leader, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, who arrived with his wife. The Galician called for a vote for the PP, and especially for Ayuso, as a formula to facilitate his own assault on Moncloa next December.

The two candidates greeted the attendees at the event for many minutes. The auditorium of the municipal building, in the vicinity of which the party started a few hours earlier, was filled by less than 2,000 people. No one in PP doubts not only the victory of Ayuso, but also the chances of regaining the absolute majority. The last time it succeeded in the region, the party was led by Esperanza Aguirre. It was 2011, the 15M camp was in its second week in Puerta del Sol, and the PP swept across Spain in anticipation of Mariano Rajoy’s landslide victory in the general election later that year.

History, cyclical, repeats itself in this year 2023. At least on paper. But this week’s election is far from as clear-cut as it was 12 years ago. except in some places. And the community of Madrid is one of them. So much so that even the conservative British newspaper “The Times” has put him first in charge of Feijoo if things don’t go well in December.

But, for now, Feijo is the candidate. Although Ayuso gave a State of the Union address during the night, he directly accused Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of wanting to steal the election. The entire PP staff before him: from Feijoo to Elias Bendodo through Borja Semper, Miguel Tellado, Carmen Funes and Pedro Rolland.

To all of them and their applause, Ayuso accused Pedro Sánchez of wanting to steal the election. “Sanchez is going to leave as he arrived, with the Pucherazo effort,” he said in recent days amid allegations of vote-buying. “But he’s not going to accept it,” he added. The head of government’s direct charge came after a long session of greetings and thanks, where he mentioned both national leaders in the audience, as well as regional and local leaders. In addition, he mentioned José María Aznar, Mariano Rajoy and Esperanza Aguirre, who received a standing ovation from the public.

Despite his introduction to Madrid society, Ayuso launched a direct attack on the government and its president. In 2021, “Leader” used the pandemic and social anger against the restrictive measures of the executive branch as leverage. Two years later, faced with the challenge of repeating a very difficult result, he tried to recover the trick: “They are not going to lock us in, shut us down or control us again,” he said. “And it will never be free again, not illegally or under pretexts like a pandemic,” he added.

Ayuso even accused the PSOE of “swapping ballots” on suspicion of vote-buying in the small Murcia town of Albudeit. He didn’t say anything about Melila.

The candidate tried an aggregate speech: “They are not going to compete with our reliable supermarket. They are not going to use their fake feminism. They do not intend, because they will not succeed, to manipulate homosexuals, women, old and young, to make them victims. Confronting them, sequestering them to use as firearms and then abandoning them. “The identification is complete,” he said.

Ayuso criticized abortion and euthanasia (“who wants to live from the moment of conception to the last breath”) and said that Madrid is “the region with the highest life expectancy in the world”. A place, he added, where “seniors can choose whether they want to spend the day in stately residences or at home.”

In the community of Madrid, 7,690 users of residences died between March and May 2020, but the government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso did not initiate any proceedings for “verified” events during these months. Alberto Reyero, who was the adviser of social services during the pandemic, has repeatedly pointed out the political decision of Ayuso, which prohibits the transfer of elderly people affected by Covid19 from residential homes to hospitals.

“We are the most stable government in Spain,” he concluded, even though he began 2019 sharing the executive branch with Ciudadanos, called elections two years later and approved only a handful of budgets during his term.

“Let’s go out and vote en masse to fix the traps.” They want us weak, impoverished and conflicted. Let’s go out and celebrate that we are a great, supportive, fun and generous nation. that it cannot be bought and transformed without all the Spaniards”, concluded his speech, who is not the president of the central government, but of Madrid.

Feijo: “Another Subsidiary”

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijo, closed the event with a speech in which he supported the “messages” that the regional candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, had been delivering in recent weeks. Including today, when the president directly accused Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of trying to steal the election.

Feijo assured from the stage: “Isabelle ran the election campaign that she saw fit, with the messages she saw fit and in the places she saw fit. And I joined this campaign as another affiliate. ”

“I have come to ask for a voice for the majority of Spaniards who are shocked by the issues that have followed the election campaign,” he said, and to address “the majority who are embarrassed by the image that our country has created in recent days.” . “I ask for a clear voice. We are going to vote clearly in all places in Spain,” he added. And he insisted in a tone close to shouting: “Let us vote en masse for those who want to deceive us, those who deceive us, in favor of freedom. Silently, let each one do what he wants, but let him vote.”

Feijo echoed Ayuso’s message of support: “He did his duty freely. I’m going to explain because it’s worth it. In this campaign, I understand the opinions of what Ayuso is saying. And what do you have to say? This is a traditional morning question. At first I was surprised, now I’m having a good time. When they don’t tell me what I think, it’s because Ayuso is out of shape. And I like that it’s in shape. ”

I don’t know what party they mean when they talk like that. But in PP there is opinion, there is conversation, there is free debate. We are not a sect, we are a team. In the 21st century, a woman speaks for herself, thinks what she considers appropriate, says what she wants. I want Isabel Dias Ayuso to be my president,” he concluded.

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