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The Melilla poll finally registered 5,814 votes by mail after requesting DNI submissions

Melilla’s poll for next week’s May 28 election will finally receive 5,814 remote votes out of the 11,727 originally requested. A total of 4,635 of this amount was requested from the autonomous city itself, and the remaining almost 1,200 from other parts of the territory.

Alarm over postal voting in Melilla was raised a few days ago when authorities confirmed that more than 11,700 remote votes had been requested before the deadline, far exceeding the amount registered in previous elections, meaning the relevant. The percentage of voters of the autonomous city is also much higher than the usually registered national average.

Although the Ministry of Internal Affairs implemented the measure on the request of the DNI also during the deposit of the ballot in the post office, the police launched an investigation that, while being in summary secrecy, ended with a dozen arrests. Among those accused of being part of a vote-rigging and mail-order scheme are two people linked to the Coalición por Melilla party, which is part of the Melilla executive.

One of them was a party candidate and adviser who was fired by the president after learning of the allegations, while the other is the son-in-law of Mustafa Aberchan, a party leader who has already been convicted of vote-buying in the 2008 general election.

Source: El Diario





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