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A judge is investigating ultra agitator Cristina Segui and the state alarm channel for insulting the general secretary of Faqua.

The investigative court of Seville ordered a statement of inquiry against the ultra agitator Cristina Segui and the television channel Estado de Alarma, Ruben Sánchez, journalist and general secretary of Facua. Sánchez’s complaint accuses them of libel or defamation for various comments made by Segui on the channel and on his Twitter account, which, for example, include harassment campaigns, acts of intimidation and calling him a “mafioso” or “extortionist”.

Cristina Segui, who was recently ordered to compensate ex-minister José Luis Abalos through civil proceedings for insulting him on Twitter, regularly collaborates with the Ultra channel EDATV, directed by Javier Negre, and also has a Twitter account with over 200,000 followers. It was in both media outlets that published the comments and insults that Ruben Sánchez took to court through criminal proceedings after the failed act of reconciliation.

On Twitter in May 2022, Segi accused Sánchez of stalking him through a “harassment group” called “RedBird” and also claimed that he had posted documents containing his address and various personal information. In his statements linking the general secretary of Faqua to the group, he claimed to have evidence of his association with the organization “harassing, closing accounts, publishing personal data and threatening politicians and journalists due to ideological hatred”.

He also attributed the threat to a relative of ultra commentator Luis ‘Alvise’ Perez, who has also been convicted in various civil cases. In addition, during an intervention on Javier Negre’s channel, Segi published his accusations against Sánchez and said that he could “take out the phone” so that the prosecution could open a case against him.

Now, as has learned, the investigative court of Seville has decided to start preliminary proceedings, calling Ruben Sánchez to ratify the complaint and also decided to call both Seguí and the TV channel itself to announce the investigation, via video conference. on October 17.

In the complaint, the journalist asks for compensation in the amount of 50,000 euros and explains that Segui’s hostility towards him is not limited to these recent comments about his activity on Twitter, but dates back to other messages presented to the judges since 2019. Cristina Segui, then leader of Vox in Valencia until 2014 and now a political commentator and Author of several books against feminismAlso played against Sanchez in tweets Already in 2015When he was an employee of Ausbanc.

Cristina Segui has already been civilly ordered to pay ex-minister José Luis Abalos 6,000 euros in compensation for insulting and defaming him on his Twitter account, pending an appeal in Madrid’s provincial court. Tweets in which, for example, he described the then minister as a “monster, vile and morally retarded product”, spoke of his “poor hygiene”, accused him of “diverting millions” through an NGO and, among other things, claimed. who had several “lovers”.

Source: El Diario





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