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Bellara, to decide in Castilla-La Mancha: “PSOE fulfills its promises only when Podemos is very strong”

Podemos Secretary General and Social Rights Minister Ione Bellara visited Toledo on the last day of the campaign, where he took the opportunity to address people who are hesitating between voting for Podemos in Castilla-La Mancha or not. Socialist Party.

“I want to say that the Socialist Party only fulfills its promises when Podemos is very strong and that if you like the policies of the coalition government, if you like the increase in the minimum wage, the abolition of the labor reform, all the feminist policies that we have implemented, the housing law, the increase in investment in dependence , double the investment of any previous government, if you like all that, your only possible vote is to vote for Podemos,” Bellara said.

That said, he assured that there is only one representative of the coalition government participating in these elections” and that is José Luis García Gascon, the United Podemos candidate for the presidency of Castilla-La Mancha. “Mr Page has refused to defend the coalition government and particularly refused to defend its policies, which are the most progressive and the most ambitious to be implemented in this country in decades,” Bellara said.

Also, the Minister of Social Rights continues to pump her breasts for the United Podemos candidate in Castilla-La Mancha, at an event with her. “The only candidate who is going to obey the housing law “to the last comma in this world is José Luis García Gascon and that is Podemos and Izquierda Unida, because the other candidates do not believe in the law,” he chastised.

“We need to use the law, we need to regulate rental prices, we need to fill the IBI so that all this empty housing goes into the rental park, and we also need to strengthen the measures that our candidate is proposing to the community. Real estate agency. The outcome of the May 28 election depends on whether the right to live in Castilla-La Mancha is guaranteed,” Bellara said generously.

Gascon: “We are the only option that provides a progressive coalition government”

For his part, García Gascon wanted to evaluate the work of the ministry to be able to approve the Spanish housing law during this legislative period, which was approved in the last days, and which, to his regret, the PP said “it does not correspond” and Emiliano García-Paige “we do not know It’s not because he has a regional housing law in his drawer since 2017, which we are also promoting from here.”

For this reason, he defended: “Unidas Podemos is also the only guarantee in Castilla-La Mancha to implement measures that will solve the housing problem in our region, and that is why we have proposed to the Public Real Estate Agency that, if we govern, to implement between 50 and 200 euros for young people and Rent for the elderly.

He also took advantage of the final hours of the campaign to ask the people of Castilla-La Mancha for their support and vote. “We are the only option that will provide a progressive coalition government and take action that will solve and grow and rebuild and advance public health, public education, housing, the environment and, as I say, labor rights and a better region.” To promote women’s equality, the rights of the young and the elderly to care for them.”

Source: El Diario





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