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We can draft a law to force presenters and media managers to disclose their stakes in companies

Podemos is drafting a law to oblige current affairs presenters and media managers to disclose their economic interests as well as public officials. In this way, citizens will have the opportunity to transparently know the economic interests of those who direct and decide the editorial line of the media. Like politicians, they may face conflicts of interest that threaten citizens’ constitutional access to truthful information.

In this sense, from Podemos, they recalled the paradigmatic case of the presenter Ana Rosa Quintana. The journalist, from his primetime show in April last year, noted that under the Government’s housing law, residents who “don’t pay VAT or IBI will have it a little easier”. Digital The Tide Yesterday it was published that Quintana owns 44 tourist apartments, the activity is affected by the housing law. Purple people consider this a clear case of conflict of interest.

“People with great media power have the ability to guide public opinion, sometimes not by providing accurate information, but by influencing legislative and executive decisions in a way that benefits their private economic interests,” they note from the training.

This rule will affect presenters and directors of programs with certain political content in major media, news outlets, members of the board of directors and owners of significant shares in them.

All of them will have a legal obligation to publish their shares in any type of company, listed or not, with reference to the economic activity they carry out and especially including companies that work in strategic sectors such as energy or food, companies that work in the fields. that they affect fundamental rights such as health, education, care or housing and companies that send a significant part of their income to the public administration. They must also indicate any invoices they make directly or indirectly with other companies or public administrations.

Belara: “There are journalists who own more than the minister”

Podemos Secretary General and Social Rights Minister Ione Bellara said in statements to the media from Toledo that “it has already been shown that in this country there are journalists, people who present these television programs, who have more than a deputy. , deputy or minister or minister”. Exactly – he added – “people have the right to know what their economic interests are”.

Belara believes that “this measure of transparency and this democratic measure is fundamental so that the people of our country can see the guaranteed right to receive true information, which, I would like to remind you, is included in the Spanish Constitution.”

Source: El Diario





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