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Bono reveals that Page was “in the spotlight” of ETA when he was its adviser and that the Home Office asked him to “take action”.

A few days ago, Castilla-La Mancha’s current president and Socialist re-election candidate Emiliano García-Paige said he had been “under surveillance for a long time” without giving more information, saying only that there would be information. It will be released in the coming days.. And it was his predecessor and mentor, also ex-defence minister, José Bono, who was responsible for revealing this almost at the end of the campaign: when he was the spokesperson of Bono’s government, Paige was “in focus”. ETA. The former president has known this for years because the Ministry of Internal Affairs told him.

During the election rally, Bono, after showing his anger at the Nuevas Generaciones del PP van in which Paige appears with Bildu leader Arnaldo Otegi, recounted some of the actions he and Paige had taken in support of security. forces and corps when the terrorist group still existed.

After that, he elaborated: “When I was the president, the Ministry of Internal Affairs called me and asked me not to tell. And I haven’t said it before, and it’s been many years. They told me that the police had found an ETA safe house under a court order and that there was documentation on two of my government advisers that I should be concerned and act. One of them, Emiliano García Paige.”

“How can they have a bit of dignity, it must be because of ignorance when ETA put him in the limelight, in Zulu, to put this van to get four votes?” he asked to applause from those present at the rally.

This is the reason I led him to ask PP to “please” remove this van. “He has 24 hours (referring to the end of the election campaign) to decently order these vans to be withdrawn. If he does, I thank him,” Bono said.

Earlier, the former Castilla-Manchego president and ex-minister also revealed that he and Page had been visiting the Herrera de la Mancha prison in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real) for several years. “Yes, we went to prison. With the Civil Guard so that they could tell the killers we were with then, I remember who fired rockets at us when we entered. It was December 24, Christmas Eve for many years, the President of Castilla-La Mancha and who is talking to you.”

“That’s why this van of disgust fills me with indignation,” he claimed, asking the PP candidate to leave.

Source: El Diario





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