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García Castellón offers to prosecute Villarejo and the two journalists after failing to deal with Pablo Iglesia in the Dina case.

The National Court invited retired Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo and journalists Alberto Posas Fernández and Luis Renduelles to discuss the “Dina case”, a separate part of “Tandem”, where they investigated the route taken by the former councilor’s phone card. Podemos Dina Bousselham after her mobile phone was stolen in 2015 until some of the information it contained was released.

In order to move to an abbreviated procedure collected by Europa Press, the head of the Central Court of the 6th Instruction, Manuel García Castellón, leaves the three defendants one step away from the bench for the alleged crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets. Give the prosecution and prosecution 10 days to request an oral hearing or, if they do, open a hearing.

The magistrate places the events in November 2015, when Busselham was with his partner, Ricardo Antonio de sa Ferreira, inside an IKEA in Alcorcón, “when he noticed the disappearance of the latter’s jacket”, “in the interior of which several items were kept between them. Which” were both phones. .

Two years later, in November 2017, police entered and searched Villarejo’s home in Boadilla del Monte, where they found a series of folders in the former councilor’s name, among which were “several files that came from Mini. SD card of your mobile.

The investigation by the court, explains the magistrate, allowed him to find out about his journey. “It is understood that in January 2016, a piece of information contained on a mini SD memory card that was on Busselham’s phone ended up in the hands of journalist Alberto Pozas Fernandez, the magazine’s interview director at the time, who kept a copy. His computer,” he clarifies.

Posas, in turn, “shared the files and much of the information on the card with the magazine’s deputy editor, Luis Rendueles.” “Later, the memory card will be given to the president of the magazine’s editorial team, Antonio Asensio,” added the judge.

On an undisclosed date in early 2016, before April 14 of that year, Villarejo Pérez contacted Renduelles to request a copy of the Busselham files.

Renduelles then relayed, the judge said, the request to Pozas Fernandez, who “despite knowing that the card contained personal information unrelated to Villarejo, agreed to the request.” “They both stay with Villarejo and provide him with a portion of the mini SD memory card belonging to Dina Busselham,” he continues.

The judge of the national court claims that “this statement of facts is subject to the three cited investigations, the alleged crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets”.

“This charge is fundamentally based on the testimony set forth in the above statement of proven facts, as well as the extensive and extensive documentation that is working on the case, the testimony of witnesses and individuals under investigation.” “, he concludes.

A judge had already issued an order in October 2020 that would have ended the investigation into this article and recommended that both Villarejo and the two journalists be tried for the alleged crimes of discovery and disclosure of secrets. In addition, the magistrate sent a reasoned statement to the Supreme Court, in which he requested to investigate the former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, against whom he led a large part of the investigation for months, despite the reprimands of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court itself. And because of the lack of evidence against the former leader of Podemos in the Supreme Court. García Castellón even removed the injured party status that the Criminal Chamber was forced to restore to the former vice president.

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