Feijo asks Sánchez to promise not to agree with Bildu anymore, and the president replies: “ETA is the only thing they have.”

The presence of former ETA terrorists on the EH Bildu lists entered the regional and municipal election campaign on May 28 and has dominated the recent showdown between Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and PP leader Alberto Núñez. Feiyo up to 28 m. The Galician leader tried to get Sánchez to agree not to agree with the Basque coalition in Congress on any law, and the CEO scolded him: “ETA is the only thing they have.”

At its start in the Senate control session, ETA dominated more than a decade after the final cease-fire that marked the end of terrorist violence in Euskadi. Feijo, who has hardened his position in light of the statements of Isabel Dias Ayuso, paraphrased some words of Sánchez himself in 2019, when he said that he was not going to accept Bildu.

“I’ll borrow his words: “I’m not going to agree with Bildu. With Bildu, I repeat, I am not going to agree. If you want, I will repeat it again, he said. “Yes, today more than ever we want to hear it. Come on, say it again, Mr. Sanchez,” he threatened.

The PP leader pointed out that Sánchez was “harder with the PP than with Bildu”. “It’s you. A president more generous to the executioners than to the victims,” ​​he added. Feijo called for a “complete and true correction of Bildu,” for the seven Exeters to “document before the electoral college the resignation of being on the lists” and for it to “extend” to other convicts who are still Candidates continue.

“So you think it’s okay for those who pulled the trigger to go and those who gave them the guns to stay?” Everyone knows that they resigned for electoral convenience; And yours, Mr. Sanchez,” he asked.

Feijo concluded that “if Bildu is not decent”, based on the words of Sánchez about the lists of the Basque coalition. And he concluded: “It is not worthy for you to make an agreement with them either.” If obscene is legal, it is in your hands that it is not. Ensure once and for all that your agreement with Bildu is over. You can not blow and slurp. Either you violated Bildu or decency. You cut off Bildu or decency.”

Sanchez: “ETA has ceased to exist”

In Moncloa, they had no doubt that the PP leader would use the face-to-face influence on ETA in the Senate as a campaign strategy, and that is why the president went to the upper chamber with the intention of not avoiding the melee and even getting into the mud that Feijóo chose to play. “The government’s PP negotiated with ETA and you insult them by calling them the Basque National Liberation Movement,” wrote Pedro Sánchez of the newspaper’s library, who added: “With Miguel Ángel Blanco, who was recently killed, the PP government came close. 120 prisoners, he freed 311, and Mr. Aznar justified it that holding a place is always better than taking up arms.

In his response, Sánchez said that the problem with PP is that ETA no longer exists. “Spanish democracy defeated ETA 12 years ago and you may find it difficult to listen to it,” he said, insisting that it all happened under socialist governments. “ETA ceased to exist for PP and VOX and did so with a socialist president, interior minister and Lehendakar, and this is something they cannot tolerate,” he scolded.

The president of the government discussed the statements of the current leaders of the PP, such as the national speaker Borja Semper or the speaker in the Senate Javier Maroto, to criticize the “cynicism” of the popular ones. “It was Mr. Semper who said shortly after the demise of ETA that the important thing is that ETA is over and that the future should be built as soon as possible, also with Bildu. “Ten years ago, the mayor of Vitoria, Mr. Marotto, said that his legs were not shaking because of the agreement with Bildu and he hoped that the example would spread,” he recalls.

In the midst of the fighting, Pedro Sánchez returned to direct the Atocha attacks by the government of José María Aznár. “PP lied in 11M and insulted the victim for pure electoral interests,” he said, before launching a final hook for Feijo. “No one seems to have been able to overcome this shame, but you, with your words today, seem determined to equalize it.”

Source: El Diario





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