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The government provides a 20% guarantee for the purchase of a house for the youth and dependent minor families

Government President Pedro Sánchez this week announced guarantees of up to 20 percent for the purchase of a first home for young people and families of dependent minors. The measure will be approved this Tuesday at the next Council of Ministers and is intended for young people under the age of 35 and with an annual income of up to 37,800 euros.

Sánchez defended his commitment to “put housing at the center of our priorities” and that the initiative would help those who “have trouble getting a mortgage and buying a home,” such as young people and families with minors. The goal is that more and more people can afford decent housing.

“If during the health emergency we support the self-employed and companies, during the housing emergency we are going to support our youth and families with dependent minors who want access to the home they own,” Sánchez said in a speech. Pre-election campaign in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. “We must give all the tools of the state to the service of this state of emergency: to make housing a right.

The income limit will be doubled if a couple or two family members buy a house together, and that the age limit will not apply if they have dependent minors, PSOE sources said. The aid will also have enhancement factors based on the number of children and an upper income limit in the case of single-parent families.

The PSOE General Secretary introduced the event this week in a rally in Santa Cruz de Tenerife alongside the candidate for re-election as president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Victor Torres. Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martin and Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council candidate Patricia Hernandez.

In his speech, Sánchez once again criticized the position of the People’s Party, which has rejected the opposition’s legislative proposals for the past four years, and criticized the lack of proposals.

“When the right-wingers talk about housing, they are talking about land for speculation and luxury goods, we want to make it a constitutional right and a basic necessity,” he said.

“This is socialism”

The PSOE leader reviewed how other socialist governments have met criticism over “Felipism” that promotes public health or the pension system, “Zapaterism” that approved the law on equal marriage or “Sanchism” that has prevailed over the past four years. The minimum living income or labor reform has moved forward.

“This is socialism and this is the door that makes societies move forward,” defended Sánchez. Insulting them, us managing and campaigning positively is what they deserve and what citizens demand from their political leaders.

The Socialist president defended that the government’s policies show that social policy is compatible with economic growth and sympathized with the right-wing “raging” and resorting to insults because their alternative is “cuts and uncertainty” with which they have responded to the crisis. in 2010.

“To be a socialist is to do, not to undo, to cut, to obscure and to cause social harm,” Sánchez said against the right’s policies, which he sees as set in “insulting and disqualifying” and all media confrontations that benefit the social majority.

Social measures at the campaign gate

The initiative to promote homeownership among the youngest citizens comes just weeks after the approval of a housing law that establishes the right to housing for the first time, seeks to curb the cost of rent and redefine what makes a great landlord. The law also comes at a time when home sales have slowed due to rising interest rates, which has kept rents under pressure.

Sanchez said just two weeks ago 20,000 affordable public housing units are being built on the land of the Ministry of Defense Which will be in addition to the 50,000 SAREB flats and 43,000 public houses that will be funded through the ICO. There are 113,000 more homes in total And its entry into the market is trying to strengthen the social housing stock. “For our young people, for families who can’t afford an apartment or rent,” Sánchez defended during a speech in the Senate.

With regional and local self-government elections coming up on May 28, the government has accelerated the introduction of economic measures aimed at the youngest voters. That same Saturday, Sánchez announced that the state would finance 50 percent of the cost of Interrail tickets, a 90 percent discount for trains and buses that depend on the state for travel in Spain, and 50 percent for high-speed trains.

This travel incentive for 18- to 30-year-olds is the latest bet after economic and social measures passed by the Legislature, including raising the minimum wage or labor reform, in addition to new laws. Education and Universities. The President, as in previous rallies, once again boasted of this type of reform unlike the response of PP governments to previous crises.

Source: El Diario





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