Police union leader’s one-month employment and salary: “You’re stubborn. stop me if you want”

The General Directorate of Police suspended the General Secretary of the Union of Federal Police (UFP), Victor Duque, for one month from his employment and salary due to an incident that occurred with other agents on duty at the Algeciras market. Police sources told ElDiario.es in 2018. Duque declined to identify himself with several of the employees he allegedly assaulted.

A court in the city of Cádiz sentenced Duque to a one-month fine for the crime of insubordination in connection with the same events, and the police have now begun to impose appropriate disciplinary measures. The incident took place on June 27, 2018, when several National Police officers arrived at the booth at the exhibition after nine o’clock at night. At the door, Duque scolded the doorman, who did not let his son in because he was a minor. The agents tried to calm down the union leader, but he resisted them.

“I’m not going to identify myself to you, you useless prick. If you want, you can stop me,” includes the judgment of the 3rd Criminal Court of Algeciras, which Duque told the responsible agent. The punishment included a one-month fine of six euros a day after the UFP general secretary’s legal representation accepted the prosecution’s charge. “Don’t tell me what to do, I know that before you were born. You have no idea who I am,” Duque added.

After the decision became final, the disciplinary case was resumed, which ended with a proposed sanction for serious misconduct. The police disciplinary regime as a serious offense includes, among many other cases, “disobedience to hierarchical superiors or persons in charge of the service due to their lawful orders or instructions, unless they constitute a clear violation of the legal system.” A serious crime is punishable by suspension from service from five days to three months. elDiario.es contacted Duque, who declined to comment.

Victor Duques is accused in another case of the 32nd Investigative Court of alleged embezzlement in connection with the leadership of the Federal Police Union. The case, which has been ongoing since the beginning of 2018, is awaiting the ratification of an extensive expert report, legal sources report. Despite the charges and the alleged fraudulent management of the union’s accounts, Duque continues to lead the organization, which is represented on the police council. UFP spokespeople are regularly featured on television talk shows about events.

In this case of the 32nd pre-trial court of Madrid, Victor Duque is accused of spending money from the union, membership fees and state subsidies for a lavish lifestyle. His secretary of organization and finance, Jose Manuel Heredia, is also accused.


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