ERC sees release of ‘logical’ CNI director, wonders how much Robles knew about espionage

The speaker of the ERC in the Congress of Deputies, Gabriel Rufian, assured that the dismissal of Paz Esteban, director of the “As a Democrat” National Intelligence Center (CNI), was “logical” for him, as the government said. Very Tuesday. In addition, he considered that “the main mistake is to think that it refers to the ERC against the government or independence petitions.”

“As a Democrat, it seems logical to me that in a country where the government itself acknowledges that the cell phones of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and possibly other members of the government were illegally spied on, it seems logical to me. That the head of intelligence takes responsibility. “It seems logical to me,” Rufiani insisted at a news conference in the lower house.

However, he believed that the government should take more measures to clarify everything that happened in espionage. “I think it would also be good to keep some documents secret, which also apply to set up a commission of inquiry and be transparent,” he said. In addition, he wanted to put members of the Council of Ministers “on the ground” and wondered if all of them “looked at” Defense Minister Margarita Robles and thought he “knew”. On espionage cases.

Rufian, whose party demanded Robles’s resignation last week and last week, now confines himself to saying “there are unstable political situations.” “This is not a request for heads, this is just raising the reality as Democrats. “There was a gap, the relinquishment of functions, which makes the situation of some high-ranking government officials unstable,” he said.

But an ERC spokesman recalled that “Ms. Robles is also the most conservative, most cunning, most mahogany part of the PSOE.” For this reason, he “found it quite difficult for a prime minister to oust a minister.” “What reassures me the most is that I will not be a spy,” he told the press when asked about the possibility of resigning.

Feio and Abascal, against Sanchez

The right-wingers also responded quickly and critically to the government and specifically the president. Alberto Nunez Feio called the decision “grotesque” and considered it a “payment for independence”. The PP leader said in a message posted on Twitter that by his decision, Sanchez was “once again weakening towards saving the state.” “This is a real insult to our country. “It is unjustified,” he concluded.

For his part, Vox president Santiago Abascal attacked the chief executive: “Sanchez has decided to criminalize those who protect us and pardon and associate with those who will attack.”

The leader of the far right believed that “the mechanisms of the state should protect us from terrorists, coup plotters and criminals who attack our sovereignty, rights and freedoms” and declared: “Autocracy in the service of his person.”

Source: El Diario





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