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Alberto Núñez Feijóo: A Short Biography for the Non-Galician

Alberto Nunez Feio (Os Peares, Ourense, 1961) is proud to have restored one of his emblematic squares in one of the party’s worst moments: Galicia. He achieved this in 2009 and kept it to a minimum. He received one MP more than was achieved by the bipartisan PSOE-BNG, which ruled the public in the previous legislature. Left-hand nails, as it were in the 80s with Fernando Gonzalez Lax, in the country of Manuel Fraga and Mariano Rajoy. Founder and President of the PP, which achieved the largest absolute majority that the right has ever achieved democratically, in 2012. But three years earlier, Rakhoy had been on the wire. At a national congress in Valencia in 2008, the party was kept to a minimum, with the PP president living in his besieged office in Madrid, at his headquarters on Genoa Street, in connection with Gürtel’s corruption and many other cases of corruption.

The absolute majority of 2009 was followed by three more. Three years earlier he had managed to gain control of Galicia PP after Fraga’s resignation. The founder lost power in his own land and resigned from the Senate. It was a fight In that hat Against Feijo Of that Beret, By Kose Quina. The alleged rural Galicia against the so-called Urban Galicia. Feio negotiated, agreed to the candidacy, and shared organic power with incumbent Sen. Jose Manuel Barreiro. On April 1, his resignation from the PPdG presidency took effect, 16 years later.

In 2009, an absolute majority followed, making him dean Barons Of the match. A benchmark for the entire PP, as shown by Pablo Casado’s short-term expulsion from the party leadership due to his confrontation with Isabel Diaz Ayuso. Only one name was voiced instead at the head of the PP. No one else applied. And no one has yet voted. Now this symbolic position has been inherited by Andalusian President Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, prompting a name change that began after multiple electoral defeats in the 2015-2019 election period.

Faithful to his style, Feijóo agreed with the strongest to provide organic power. He has already done so in the post office, for example, from whose presidency (2000-2003) he maintains the “only communist friend” he recognizes: the CCOO post office and secretary general of the postal sector, Regino Martin. Feijóo’s training program ends with the presidency of Insalud (1996-2000) and his return to Galicia after being in Madrid with some ministries and the vice-presidency of the junta.

Spots: From Martial Dorado to Pemex

Feio returns to Madrid with the aura of a good manager he has been trying to extend himself in recent weeks. He repeated the ad in his public actions that the PP he wants to unite “should not learn” because he already knows how to manage. They have a past at the head of various levels of state administration. He and his accompanying team.

But this past hides very dark moments. Some may be behind his resignation to participate in the 2018 PP primaries, as announced at the time. Feijo had prepared two mutually exclusive speeches, even though the opposite was said at the time. Finally read the one where it says that he remained in Galicia without a doubt. The second, who explained the jump in Madrid, went in the trash, as journalist Fran Ballado writes in the authoritative memoirs of the Galician leader.

This is a case of his friendship with smuggler Martial Dorado, who is also accused of drug trafficking, although he has never been convicted of it. Dorado, Feio and their families shared vacations and boat trips. Friendship is unquestionable as there are photos of these relaxing moments: vacationing in the Canary Islands, Ibiza, Pico de Europa and Portugal. And because Feijo himself had no choice but to admit it when These shots were posted Country In 2013.

His answer was a naive game. He could not hide the fact, but said he did not know what Dorado was doing, even though he had played in many covers of Galician newspapers in previous years, including The voice of Galicia,From which his closest employees are. Since then there has been a phrase for policy analysts when he was pushed into a corner by the press to explain his journey: “All I know is that it was snowing.” For someone who was on vacation with a well-known surgeon in Nekora, this was probably not the best answer.

These were probably the most difficult political moments for Feio, who managed to escape the scandal, even though the judge who investigated the case rejected some of his explanations. But a good shovel of state subsidies was laid in the case, and before the triumphal procession to Madrid after the defense of the Casado, almost no one remembered about it. Only United We Can’s spokesperson, Pablo Echenik, has done this at Parliament’s headquarters, so it has been recorded forever in the Journal of Sessions.

Another spot on the dirty feijoa curriculum that some have argued to be impure was Xunta’s still-president’s maritime adventure. Feijo wanted the Mexican state-owned multinational Pemex (Petróleos Mexicanos) to fully integrate into the shipbuilding business in Galicia, one of the most active industrial sectors in the community, preceded by an industrial transformation in the 1980s.

Problems arose when corruption flooded businesses. In 2020, just two years ago, a former director of Pemex was arrested in Malaga for financing oil company contracts with Xunta de Feijóo. By that time the plan had failed. Pemex was leaving a stake in Galicia Shipbuilding Barreras, which it reached under the auspices of the “Strategic Alliance” with Xunta.

Of the 20 boats promised by Feio, only a pair were built, prompting the company to file for bankruptcy. But beyond the business fiasco, shadows of corruption swept across the entire operation. Feio tried and managed to also get rid of this problem, which almost died during the flight at the state level, especially in Galicia.

Public health at risk

Another politically sensitive moment for Feijóo occurred more or less unexpectedly. In 2019, in Verini, in the Portuguese border town of Urense, the junta closed a delivery room. Women who had to give birth had to travel tens of kilometers for it. Earlier, the lack of pediatricians in the interior of the province had already been condemned.

It was a spark that sparked a historic mobilization in the province, which has always been dominated by the Baltar family’s cowardice, one of PP’s most powerful galleys, and whose current leader, Jose Manuel Baltar, is one of the appointees. Feio for the National Executive Director of his committee.

Verina’s protest was not the only one. In the past, health workers have been shut down due to the appalling conditions in which they work and Condemned the closure of hospital beds. In Valdezora (also in Ourense) there was also a protest against the abolition of specialties.

The model, as in other latitudes, was supplemented by multimillion-dollar contracts with private health care to address public system deficiencies (caused).

The backpack that Feio wears when he arrives in Madrid at the age of 60, half of which was in public, is well filled, otherwise how could it be. He uses elements that he considers positive, but many others are not so much. Until now, as is often the case, this has been almost exclusively a matter of the Galician aspect and highly uncertain by the media environment of an autonomous society. But in the transition to national politics, there are sometimes issues that one once thought were buried and well buried. Whether it remains so.

Source: El Diario





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