An Alliance MP who is standing down less than a year after her election has launched a personal website where she is applying to be a keynote speaker and executive coach.

Patricia O’Lynn has announced she is stepping down as MLA for North Antrim at the end of this month to take up a new role at Queen’s University Belfast.

The new website, which includes a series of professionally shot photos of the 33-year-old, describes her as a “gifted keynote speaker”, “author”, “leader” and “coach”.

It included a quote from Alliance leader Naomi Long, who described Ms O’Lynn as “passionate and fearless”, while other references labeled the outgoing MLA an “incredible motivational speaker” and “terribly remarkable”.

Next to a photo of Ms. With her arms crossed and leaning against a wall, O’Lynn recited a quote from the MLA: “Kill them with skill and bury them with a smile.”

The website describes her “political journey”, from interning with US Senator John McCain to joining the Alliance Party.

Alliance MLA Patricia O'Lynn's new website is viewed on a mobile phone
Alliance MLA Patricia O’Lynn’s new website is viewed on a mobile phone

It describes Ms O’Lynn as “making history” after being elected as the first female member of the North Antrim assembly last May and credits her for “building a political movement in her constituency”.

A page titled “Speaking” states that the MLA is a “gifted keynote speaker” with a “strong record” of speaking, “motivational and political speeches.”

It includes several images of Ms. Speaking at events and to the media, O’Lynn describes her speaking style as “sombre, grandiose and dramatic”.

Ms O’Lynn, who completed her PhD on school exclusion last year, is working on her first venture called The Institute for Disruption, which aims to “implement systemic change by learning from the lived experiences of marginalized groups”.

The outgoing MLA shared her website,, on Twitter and included a link to the main page on her social media profile.

“Coming to a site near you,” she tweeted as she shared a link to the new site on Thursday.

Ms O’Lynn became the North Antrim Alliance’s first MLA when she was elected last May after a wave of transfers saw her DUP loyalist Mervyn Storey ousted.

Mr Storey, who has since been co-opted as a councillor, questioned Ms O’Lynn’s “commitment” to the MLA role after she announced her retirement.

“Obviously North Antrim wasn’t her first priority, her first priority seems to be herself, but that’s her choice,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

Ms O’Lynn later tweeted: “Somebody please give Mervyn the hug he so desperately needs.”

Naomi Long said earlier this month she was “very sad” Ms O’Lynn was going but understood the “frustration” for MLAs at not having a functional executive branch and assembly.

The leader of the alliance said that “every time the assembly collapses, we lose good people.”

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