Podemos pre-election video: “We are the fighter who is outraged when his ministers stand in the profile of NATO”

Podemos knows that the upcoming regional and municipal elections are crucial for its future, especially after confirming that an agreement with Sumar will not be possible until 28 million. With this logic, the formation led by Ione Bellara published a promotional video this Tuesday to organize a great event in Zaragoza this weekend, which will act as a trigger of the previous campaign, in which he justifies his militants and leaders, but in which Podemos He. He also took the opportunity to send some messages to Yolanda Diaz and the formations of the space that the second vice president portrays. “Podemos is a fighter who is outraged when he sees his ministers standing in the profile of NATO,” they say.

Top leaders of the party shared this post on social media under the headline on Tuesday #TúQueNoTeCallasCalling the militants next Saturday in the capital of Aragon, in the middle of the spring festival, a meeting that Podemos celebrates every year on these dates with concerts, talks and various political events. “We can be like people #TúQueNoTeCallas It’s difficult though. This Saturday we will all see each other in Zaragoza,” Bellara wrote on Twitter.

The video, narrated by actor and filmmaker Daniel Guzmán, has a leitmotif with which the party has guided its public interventions in recent weeks: Podemos is the only party that has the courage to make certain decisions, to say what others say. Don’t say make progress that others dare not make. The voice, overlaid with images of Podemos members, social protests, party leaders, appeals to the militancy that shares the same values ​​and that party leaders rely on to defend their political positions. “This is a message for you not to be silent, that you have no position (…); “Never profile yourself in a political discussion,” the article begins.

“We can Yone Bellara who says that Juan Roig is a ruthless capitalist. But if Ione was able to do it, it is because there is a pensioner who shouted in his medical center that Ayuso is corrupt”, continues the narrative, which continues with the praise of the Minister of Equality: “We can, Irene Montero stands up. hooligans with MP’s card”; And Pablo Iglesias, the party’s founder, “tells Ferrera live that he was Inda’s patron and corrupt.”

But then the narrative sends poorly veiled messages to the rest of the political forces on the left, including the government’s second vice president, who is reminded of his neutrality during the debate at the start of the invasion of Ukraine. Sending weapons to war. “Podemos is a fighter all his bloody life who has hallucinations and is outraged when he sees his ministers declaring war on NATO and Ukraine and only Ione saying what he thinks,” the narrator begins with images of the demonstration. The Communist Party of Spain – of which Yolanda Díaz is a member – against NATO bases in Spain. And she gets angry because she remembers that she likes red better than purple. And he remembers that he didn’t like Podemos at first, but his instincts tell him who his people are. ” he adds.

References will follow. “Some people think that all these people are little people, just a small group of resistance fighters who are far from the majority and condemned to live in the corner of the board,” the video continues in response to those who at some point claimed that Podemos. There is a frank political fallout. The second part of the sentence serves as the words of Yolanda Díaz in one of the actions of Sumari. “When you change the era, it is not done from the corner of the council, but from the social majority, from the center,” he said at a rally in Madrid in early January.

The Podemos video then contains another reference to one of the vice president’s traveling companions in his political project, former party number two Iñigo Erejon. “They don’t understand that these people are the core that radiates,” says the video, which answers a few years later cryptic message What the now leader of Más País wrote on Twitter while attending a conference in Greece: “The hegemony is moving in a time of tension to seduce the irradiated core and side allied sectors. confirmation – opening”.

The message makes sense after the act in Madrid on April 2, when Díaz announced his candidacy for the generals with the Summar project, in an event attended by many progressive leaders and several former members of Podemos, such as Inigo Errejón, but at the same time. A time the main left-wing party did not attend after failing to reach an agreement with Sumer that would guarantee the lists would be decided in primaries open to the public. Tensions between Podemos and Yolanda Díaz have since persisted, with Bellara’s party asking the vice president to campaign for its candidates in 28M, but at the same time criticizing the rest of the forces for not wanting to go together in the next election.

It is the formations like Más Madrid or Compromís, who are at least verbally committed to the Díaz project, who demand to wait after 28 million years to negotiate a candidacy for the general elections. This timing causes suspicion in Podemos from the beginning, where they believe that these parties are waiting to negotiate with a weakened party in order to gain a better position in the elections.

“They wanted to kill this rebellion a thousand times, just as they want to kill Podemos today, but the rebellion always wakes up at moments of historical crossroads,” Podemos responds in the video narrated by Guzmán. “This rebellion is much more than a party. We should see each other in Zaragoza on the 15th and show this rebellion in a big meeting. We have to be many to understand that in order to transform this country, the rebellion of those who are not silent is needed”, they are trying to mobilize the electorate, which has been slowly increasing in recent years, but to whom they aspire. Tempting again.

Source: El Diario





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