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Sanchez talks about the “failure of the doomed” after Easter: “They announced the apocalypse and we saw full hotels”

The PSOE is trying to bring the debate on economic policy back to the center of the public agenda amid good data obtained during Holy Week and the full countdown to May’s regional and municipal elections. During a pre-campaign event in Segovia this Monday afternoon, Pedro Sánchez touted tourist occupancy figures that set an all-time record and surpassed even pre-pandemic levels. And he did it with a message to the opposition.

“They announced the apocalypse and what we saw is full hotels, terraces full of people, beaches up to the flag and optimism in the streets. This holy week was a success for the country and a failure for the doomed,” he said, referring to the criticism of the residents of Feijo and highlighting the measures taken after the crises caused by the pandemic and the war. “It was also to the credit of the Spanish government to implement policies to protect the tourism sector, such as the ICO, ERTE for workers and direct support for the self-employed.”

Ahead of the May elections, the Prime Minister wanted to leave a message to the Socialists about what to expect during the election campaign. “Our league is management,” he said, under the banner of “beneficial policies” that serve to solve “people’s problems.” “We completely leave the politics of insults and noise to the right,” he added.

The president once again compared the economic management models of the PSOE to those of the right during the crisis. “When we raised SMI, the right-wing said jobs would be destroyed, and today we have over a million contributors more than pre-pandemic figures. And I remember them saying that we were going to unbalance the accounts by revaluation of pensions by CPI.”

The General Secretary of the Socialists also emphasized the importance that the policies implemented by the executive during the crisis have broad citizen support for social peace, unlike other neighboring countries such as France. “I also remember when they said that I was going to have a hot autumn due to the discomfort caused by the actions of the Spanish government. We are the only government in Europe that has approved a pension pact with social peace and a labor reform agreed with social agents. “We have the biggest social peace in Europe,” he said.

Speaking at the rally, a small group of about four interrupted the Prime Minister to reprimand him for the changes in Spain’s foreign policy regarding the Sahara. “Sánchez, maybe you should reconsider your policy towards the Sahara!” shouted one of the people who led the protest. Others followed him to the cry of “traitor.” “It’s not,” Sanchez replied. We do not offend anyone, we defend our positions with respect and education,” he concluded.

Source: El Diario





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