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Justice Isa informs Serra that he is no longer disqualified and can participate in the elections

The Madrid Court of Justice has informed Podemos Speaker Isa Serra that he is no longer disqualified and can therefore present himself as a candidate on the electoral list, it is reported. Public newspaper The leader himself confirmed this on the social network. “Finally, the SSC informed me that I have already served the sentence of passive evasion of the right to vote. An unjust punishment that should never have existed,” he tweeted.

In the summer of 2021, the Supreme Court ratified the sentence imposed by the TSJM for the crime committed during the confrontation that took place on January 31, 2014 in Lavapies district. Supreme Court. Upheld a sentence of 19 months in prison for the crime of abuse of power, as well as a fine of 400 euros for a minor offense and the same amount for damages. The Madrid court also deprived him of the right to vote passively, that is, to participate in elections, for 19 months.

A year later, the Supreme Court of Justice decided to suspend the execution of the sentence confirmed by the Supreme Court, since the convicted person paid the fine and civil liability. However, he said the suspension was conditional on no offense being committed for the next three years, with the caveat that the suspension would be revoked.

Serra has repeatedly asked the court in Madrid to clarify whether his disqualification was valid and now he has finally received an answer. In contrast to the proceedings of March 29, the court reports that “this application is inconsistent with the law, given that the suspension agreed to in the order of September 23, 2022 was limited only to imprisonment for a fine and not. Additional penalty for special disqualification passive voting rights.

“The serving of the above additional sentence shall commence from the last day of the sentence and which reaches the said condition based on the sentence passed by the 2nd Chamber of the Supreme Court”, i.e. on 5th July. 2021, according to the letter, which the public had access to.

Serra criticized the delay in resolving the process during these months. “Years of delay in enforcement have been added to the sentence,” he said. “Fighting with legislation is a priority for any project that is transforming and moving forward.” Thank you all for so much support,” he closed.

Several Podemos leaders welcomed the decision. “I’m so glad this ordeal is coming to an end dear @isaserras. Unjustly prosecuted for daring to lead the Podemos project in Madrid. They won’t stop us. With #IsaSerra– said the general secretary of the party, Ione Bellara, on Twitter. “Thank you, Isa, for your strength and endurance. We will stand together and face the price they want us to pay to make the impossible possible and advance rights. I love you very much”, wrote Minister of Equality Irene Montero on the same social network.

Source: El Diario





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