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The government believes Sumari will mobilize “progressive people” and says it sees the PP as “concerned”.

The government is confident that the recent movements of the left will not affect the electoral results of the coalition parties, on the contrary, it intends to mobilize “progressive people” in the next election cycle. “The actions of this government and all the formations are going to significantly mobilize the progressive people,” said the minister’s spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, who claims that there is “concern” in the People’s Party.

“I think that the nerves are not on this side, but on the other side,” said the speaker of the Council of Ministers at the press conference, where he claimed that it is not clear that the main opposition party is “fully reading. objective and positive” employment data. “What happens so that everything good is bad for them?” they asked.

Rodríguez praises the measures and policies adopted by the coalition government in recent years. We were able to come to an agreement and sign great agreements, not only with the government, but with the majority of the parliamentary arch,” defended the minister, who showed his “maximum respect” to all political formations in the government. . “I think the opposition does not find much benefit in this issue, because if not, the nervousness of the opposition is incomprehensible,” he said once again.

In Moncloa, they are building on the People’s Party’s angry reaction to executive action these days to argue that they are getting bad signals from the polls. On the same Monday, the opposition leader said that he does not understand the “triumphalism of the government” because, according to him, there are more unemployed in the first quarter of the year, specifically 25,000 more than in the last quarter of 2022. Feijóo In addition, he once again focused on “double counting” on intermittent fixed, which is not the case, because employment data is now counted as in previous legislations.

“The concern is not with us, but with the main opposition party. If not, PP’s reaction to this completely objective, positive employment data is unclear,” Rodriguez argued. “[El líder del PP] came to question the performance of Airef. Where are the nerves and electoral concerns? Why is Feiyo questioning Airef when Airef has shown that there was no question in the statistics? I think the nerves are not on this side, but on the other side,” he said.

The spokesman did not want to enter the split between Podemos and the government’s vice-president, Yolanda Díaz, insisting that approved measures such as the pension agreement, the latest disbursement of European funds, the reduction in inflation or the strike data are “facts that prove the proper functioning of the coalition”.

In the government, they believe that this is reflected in the electoral data and that the latest movements to the left of the PSOE, with the launch of Sumari and the candidacies of Dias, will return to the “mobilization of a progressive electorate that may have been disengaged.”

Source: El Diario





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