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Yolanda Díaz confirms that Sumar will not fail if he is not there for Podemos

The second vice-president of the government has already revealed the plans. He will be a candidate for the presidency of the government in the next general elections, as the leader of a political project that wants to attract attention to the public, but which had twelve political formations at a presentation in Madrid this week. Not among them was Podemos, who did not want to attend unless Yolanda Díaz agreed to commit to opening the primaries before this appointment. The Minister of Labor acknowledged this in an interview on Monday in El País newspaper That it would be a failure “at all” if Podemos was not in Sumari: “It would be an abomination to Spanish politics at this time.”

Thus, Yolanda Díaz rejected the party’s absence from Sunday’s event and the fight it has continued in recent weeks to sign first an agreement, then a declaration, in which both sides support the commitment of the lists to the general elections. They decide on an open primary mechanism. Yolanda Díaz assured this Monday that there will be a “citizen participation” primary in Sumar, but not a “bilateral” one with Podemos, as suggested by the party’s negotiating team led by Social Rights Minister Ione Bellara.

“From the beginning, Sumar wants a primary with the participation of citizens, but not bilaterally with Podemo. We all have to participate. An addition is an addition. Look at how many political organizations attended the event held in Madrid, and they say with hope and enthusiasm that they want to change the country, to be there, to be with the European greens, the European leftists,” he said in a conversation on Monday. Prisa newspaper. “I am a free woman and I don’t like someone to decide for me. The addition is free. It is also an autonomous project and no one decides it. We are going to decide collectively,” he said.

Yolanda Dias also ruled out that the discursive framework of the primer is not real. “What’s not true is that this is a Democratic primary debate because Summar wants a primary and has said so since day one. Of course, the primary with democratic guarantees”, he claimed, adding that at this stage no political party “is talking about electoral lists”. “Because? Because it doesn’t make sense. The rest of the formations that approached Sumari know we’re going to agree. That’s it,” he said.

This Sunday, at the Magariños sports center in Madrid, Yolanda Díaz announced her candidacy for Moncloa, surrounded by 3,000 people – according to the organization, 2,000 were absent – and a dozen parties. Ada Colau and all the prominent faces of her political project, Catalunya en Comú, including Joan Subiras, Minister of Universities; Íñigo Errejón, Mónica García and Rita Maestre, from Más País and their Madrid brand; Alberto Garzon and the entire staff of Izquierda Unida, including the General Secretary of the Spanish Communist Party, Enrique Santiago. Juanxo López de Uralde, leader of Alianza Verde, who remained loyal to Pablo Iglesias when the Podemos space was divided by the March of Erechón. Thus, until a dozen parties are added, such as Compromís, Verdes Equo, Chunta Aragonesista, Proyecto Drago, the former number three of Podemos Alberto Rodríguez, Baztarre or Iniciativa del Pueblo Andaluz.

In fact, in his speech, Diaz took a few minutes to personally thank the leaders of the formations that were in the pavilion. “Thank you Alberto Garzon for being where you should be,” he told her; Colau, for making Barcelona an “international benchmark”; Monica Garcia for “Public Health Merit”; Inigo Erechon, for “intelligence” to promote the country’s new project. “The illusion is real and involves thousands of people,” said the mayor of Barcelona before entering the hall. “I think it was necessary to be here today. Today, there is a lot of presence, there is a presence of the progressive spectrum,” confirms Monica Garcia.

“This is politics with capital letters, this is a dialogue with those who do not think like us, to reach agreements, to agree, to unite will, hopes and dreams,” Diaz said after the thanksgiving. “Sumar should expand democracy. It is threatened by a party of hatred that has many names in Italy, Brazil, Chile, the United States. One of Sumari’s great challenges is the expansion of democracy. We have come to something very big. The country’s profit,” he argued.

Source: El Diario





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