Alberto Garzoni urges Podemos to attend Sumari’s act tomorrow

The coordinator of Izquierda Unida, Alberto Garzon, has asked Podemos to attend Sunday’s event in Sumatra led by Vice President Yolanda Díaz to present its candidacy for the government, although he specified that if he does not attend, there will be no need to magnify the decision.

The leader of the IU, as well as the minister of consumption, made these statements in front of a group of journalists before the meeting of the federal coordinator of the group this Saturday, to indicate that if Podemos did not finally attend on Sunday. Nothing will happen either, because later there will be “time” to specify the “comfort space”.

If that was the case, Garzon clarified, the decision should not be “maximum” because at this time “moderation, calmness and prudence” are needed.

In any case, he assured that “honestly” he does not consider “the possibility that Podemos will not be in the space that is being built; It is clear that this option will not be good for the country.

“I think,” he said, “we have to work so that Podemos is like the rest of the political forces, comfortably, with its own contributions.”

“We have a brilliant opportunity on the left, with an extraordinary candidate, to not only get extraordinary results, but to restore coalition government and stop the rise of the right and the far right in this country.”

Political forces intending to attend Summar’s act, Garzoni assures, “have not set any conditions”; It’s about creating a meeting space where, as Vice President Yolanda Dias said, “no one is left out” and everyone is “invited.”

Primary electoral models

Thus, the minister claims that no one questions the first process and called the debate “artificial”. “There will be a primary and from there the quotas should be determined based on the needs we have (…). We all need to talk about it, so I think Sumari’s team is doing a very good job of talking about multilateralism,” he explained.

Similarly, Garzon spoke about the visibility that Diaz’s project gives: “Sumar allows us to reach a lot more people, and in politics it’s about getting the most votes to transform society.”

“We want to transform society, improve the lives of working families, and we must learn from all past experiences, and I emphasize this again, from 2016 to now we have lost a lot of social support,” he said.

Source: El Diario





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