Climate activists paint Congress red again to protest ‘inaction’ on global warming

A group of climate activists are back, throwing paint on the facade of the Congress of Deputies a year later to protest the government’s “inaction” to stop global warming. Several members of the organizations Rebellion Científica, Rebellion or Extinction and Futuro Vegetal climbed the steps of the main door and emptied several cans of red liquid against the pillars, the door and the symbolic lions that preside over this entrance. “It’s been a year since Congress acted and the IPCC’s sixth report was released, and our government continues to do nothing,” several of them said. “Climate justice, now,” they shout from the stairs.

“It’s because I’m bored here. don’t you see They are killing us”, shouted one of the participants of the rally. The group climbed the stairs of the main facade of the facility. A few released the liquid on the pillars and the wall, and a few of them climbed onto the lions. A large police force, made up of special forces, quickly intervened and arrested eight activists, including some who had been arrested for similar activities about a year ago. So the agents took about fifteen people who are just starting to testify this Thursday at the Plaza de Castilla games for this action. “During this action, which influenced the international media, several famous scientific personalities decided for the first time to risk arrest in order to warn the rest of society about the climate catastrophe that threatens the whole of humanity,” said the statement signed by the organizations. who participated in the action.

Pro-protest organizations said both last year’s rally and Thursday’s had the same goal: to demonstrate that freedom of expression is “threatened” by denial of the “repression” of the science and climate movements. They also recalled that the world is facing “a temperature rise of 1.2ºC” and “a serious food security crisis that is already being felt in many European countries, including Spain”. “We are tired of nothing being done,” said one activist, who complained that governments continue to act despite reports of a “climate emergency,” Europa Press reported.

After the rally, agents restrained the eight people who participated and took them to the stairs, where activists continued to raise their hands in protest and chant slogans such as “climate justice now” or “we are in.” Criminals rule.” Police blocked access to that stretch of sidewalk, forcing all media and pedestrians to move to the nearby Plaza de las Cortes, where several activists continued to protest.

This afternoon, the participating group Rebelión o Extinción called a demonstration in the same square to support the people arrested by the Científica of the Rebellion and to demand “before the Parliament and the elected representatives of the citizens” “a real emergency action that takes into account both. Necessary Climate Justice and Participatory Democracy”.

Source: El Diario





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