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Vox and Tamames fail in the vote of no confidence with PP’s restraint

It is not surprising. A second writ of cognizance brought by Vox against the coalition government of PSOE and Unidas Podemos failed in less than three years. The far-rights barely added a handful of votes to 53 MPs. The reluctance of the PP, which wanted to disguise the candidate, Ramon Tamames, as “respectful” when the “no” was excluded months ago by Alberto Núñez Feijo, spoiled the initiative that allowed the executive to show unity, Pedro. Sánchez to come out unscathed and attack his equal distance rival, Yolanda Díaz, to assert himself at the top of his political space, as well as to support the political story that there are two options: to reissue the current progressive and plural majority or PP government. and Vox.

This Wednesday’s vote capped a lighter-than-expected two-day debate. The result: 53 yes (Vox added only Ciudadanos defector Pablo Cambronero), 91 abstentions and 201 no. The candidate, a non-general professor of economics, chose not to answer all the Speakers of Parliament one by one, but to answer all at once. Tamames even sent a debate with Pedro Sánchez himself within minutes, after complaining about the “20-page ticket” with which the president of the government responded. However, he gave much more time to the vice president, whom he only advised to keep it shorter.

A vote of no confidence was doomed for failure. Even in the case of a hypothetical PP vote, the distance from the necessary majority is insurmountable. The “no” already announced by the government’s parliamentary allies, as well as other parties, made it impossible to replace Sánchez with Tamames.

Trump’s pretext for censorship to call early general elections on May 28, along with regional and municipal elections, quickly gave way to campaigning for those very elections. The candidate, who cut his opening speech after it was exclusively published by, left out the exact hint that his intention was not to occupy Montcloa and actually work for the presidency, but to take the country to the polls as soon as possible. It is possible. It is possible.

Gamarra regrets the “gift” to Pedro Sánchez.

The second day of the debate was marked by the intervention of the General Secretary of the PP, Kuka Gamara, as the participation of other spokespersons was decided on the first day of the debate.

In his speech, Gamarra lamented the “inexplicable gift” of Vox’s vote of no confidence in the coalition government. “Private facilitation” for the “production of false stories” that was “momentary relief for a beleaguered government.” An “idle” initiative, nothing more than “election propaganda” and a “failure” that would allow the coalition to “show the unity it lacks”.

Despite this diagnosis, PP will refrain. For which the president reprimanded him and compared him to Pablo Casado’s “no” in 2020, the previous censorship proposal, which Sánchez called “the start of transparency”. “It’s not that we don’t dare, it’s that we don’t want to be like you,” Sánchez said, echoing the then-conservative president’s words to reject Vox’s initiative three years ago.

“Today, the leader of the traditional right wing is absent [Alberto Núñez Feijóo] shut up. Their silence says it all: that they know they need Vox to govern in the town halls and communities on May 28,” said the executive director, noting that the PP is moving from “a dignified no” to an indecent abstention. “There cannot be an equidistance between the democratic legitimacy of origin and the emptiness and fury that we have heard. It will be history that gives way to this scorched earth movement,” he concluded.

Tamames, who in principle decided not to intervene in his last turn, finally used it to defend that he had indeed presented a government program for this motion, contrary to what President Sánchez and the Vice President had criticized him for these two days. Yolanda Diaz, that is, the socialist speaker. In fact, he referred to the publication of his speech exclusively by, a media that he described as an “electronic messenger” and invited consultations to read his entire “government program”.

“I took this matter seriously, there was a program,” said Tamames, who said he plans to order these ideas in the coming days. “Even though I was told to enter the cave on the right, I felt comfortable. Vox supporters had a lot of courage,” he concluded.

Source: El Diario





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