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Justice condemns ultra agitator Alvis Perez to pay Carmena €5,000 for spreading scams.

Third conviction for ultra agitator Luis ‘Alvise’ Perez for spreading hoaxes on Twitter. After ex-minister José Luis Abalos and journalist Ana Pastor were ordered to pay restitution, a court decided to force the former Ciudadanos councilor to pay 5,000 euros to Manuela Carmena, the former mayor of Madrid, for tweeting that she had received a respirator. At home during the worst of the first wave of the 2020 pandemic. The judge reprimands him for issuing this false information without any verification and also for bragging in his telegram that he won the trial a month before it was issued. Conviction.

The far-right agitator, who at the time served as an adviser to Toni Canto in the Valencian Parliament during his stay in Ciudadanos, wrote a message on his Twitter account on March 31, 2020, during a maximum shortage of respirators. Hospital emergencies across country to fight first wave of coronavirus: “You know which 76-year-old former mayor got a personal respirator from VitalAire in his home to avoid going to a public hospital and waiting in line. Like the rest of the Spanish people? I’ll give you a hint: neither La Sexta nor the left-wing media will report this.

The former mayor responded by denying taking a respirator and confirming it in several interviews. The company itself also denied this statement. Perez continued to insist on his new message on Twitter: “If you consider this defamation. I do not know the reasons for my misrepresentation. Enough sacrifice. Enough lies.”

Carmena chose to condemn him through civil means, and the 59th Court of Justice of Madrid ordered Luis Perez to compensate the former mayor with 5,000 euros for spreading the fraud and insulting his dignity. “The author of the information does not challenge it enough. Due diligence was not exercised in publishing information provided by undisclosed sources without sufficient verification of the accuracy of the facts narrated,” the proposal reads. Luis ‘Alvise’ Pérez “is not an information professional”, admits the magistrate, but he is “active on social networks and has a large number of followers who would have access to the said information, which, if false, would undoubtedly affect the respectability of the plaintiff”.

Throughout the trial, Carmena denied the information and issued various rebuttals, while the far-right agitator did not ask for “any evidence” to confirm the “correctness of the information.” A tweet rebuking this proposal, “it is implied that Manuela Carmena, with the privileges of the former mayor, received a personal respirator, while the rest of the population did not have enough of these elements, even in the hospital. The message, therefore, exposes and comments on information, exposes it to public opinion, does not sufficiently specify its accuracy, repeats it when it is denied by the affected party,” the sentence reads.

In February of last year, Peres announced on his Telegram channel that he had won this lawsuit and that he had found out “through the recklessness of the legal operator.” A month later, the authentic sentence accuses him of paying 5,000 euros, and the judge explains that he was able to see these Telegram messages. “Obviously, the decision in the present proceedings is essentially made in the present moment and not in any previous one, so it is known that the previous information spread through a widespread social network is also not true,” accuses Peres. Deceiving his followers about the development of this legal case.

Perez’s third conviction for racketeering

This is the third civil conviction against Luis ‘Alvise’ Perez for spreading hoaxes on social networks or defaming public and political figures of the progressive spectrum. A few months ago, a Madrid court forced a political communication expert to pay €60,000 to former minister José Luis Abalos, and in another recent ruling, a provincial court also forced a €1,000 payment to journalist Ana Pastor.

In the case of the former minister, Peres was convicted of posting photos of the politician at his home on his Twitter account without his consent, implying that he had some sort of mental health problem. The court found that the photos “have no interest” and that they were taken “in the most private sphere unrelated to his public function” and that his comments were also “extremely disturbing”. In his profiles on social networks such as Telegram, the former Ciudadanos councilor comments continuously on Abalos, his personal life and during the executive ministry of Pedro Sánchez.

In his other civil sentence, Madrid Provincial Court judges overturned his first-instance acquittal and ordered him to pay compensation to journalist Ana Pastor for various comments she had made on the portal company “Newtral” that she had irregularly run. that he has paid less tax without providing proof. The image of violations in the management of the company, where it is stated that the punishment is a punishment, “makes readers and viewers suspicious, and this idea is transferred to public opinion, without contrasting the little available information with other data related to the fulfillment of fiscal obligations. “.

The communications expert, who has more than 200,000 followers on his Telegram channel, from which he spreads jokes, information on legal cases such as Tándem or Mediador and promotes protests against the government, said he will appeal this latest verdict in provincial court. So, like the previous two, it’s still not solid. He maintains that the process is “null”, as in the previous two cases.

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