Feijo puts the PP against the pension reform agreed with Brussels: “It’s just a patch until 2025”

The PP opposes the pension reform agreed by the coalition government and the European Commission. This was confirmed this Monday by the leader of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijo, who strongly attacked the plan, which puts the Spanish right once again on the side of the businessmen. “This is another example of mismanagement,” he said in an open speech before the Decaffeinated National Executive Committee. “There is no reform,” he added. “There is enough time until 2025 to finish the legislature,” he concluded.

Feijo assured that “the PP is very concerned about the future and the present of pensions” and predicted that “millions of people will see their pensions at risk” if “honest, deep reform is not carried out to guarantee viability and sustainability”. system today, tomorrow and forever.”

The PP leader has assured that his party will not take responsibility for undermining the reform, which seems to have been agreed upon. “No one explained it to us,” he lamented. Therefore, according to him, he is not sure about the “forms” either: “They should try to reach a consensus.”

But Feijoo ignored that the “covenant” includes the European Commission, chaired by his European PP colleague Ursula von der Leyen. Thus, the coalition government of PSOE and Unidas Podemos closed last week the last major reform related to the milestones necessary to receive European funds approved after the pandemic. Some funds, of which Spain has already received three tranches, making it the first country to achieve this.

In this way, the leader of the PP once again found himself not only against the criteria of his country’s government, but also against the European Commission with a conservative and liberal majority. This is the same path followed by his predecessor, Pablo Casado.

According to Feijoo, the pension reform, which has been accepted by Brussels and the majority class unions, is “a step forward until the end of the legislature until 2025”. And it is based on a “sequence of lies” that has engulfed Brussels, according to a speech by Spain’s far-right leader. First, Feijoo said, “they said there was no need for an adjustment and that prices were already high.” They also said in the government, always according to the leader of Galicia, that “the mechanism of intergenerational equality was enough” and, he noted, now “they are offering us double”. Finally, he said, the government said it would only affect “higher earners” but “everyone’s contributions are going up, including the self-employed, who have been cheated again”.

“Pedro Sánchez wants everyone to pay more for the same thing,” he concluded in his analysis, which led him to say that “the government is going in the opposite direction of what the country needs,” while “the PP is at the service of the Spaniards.

After challenging the reform, Feijo offered to appear in a photo of the Pact. Thus, he said that the PP is ready to “listen and contribute to the reform”. “Spread it if they want to count on us,” he assured her. But “if they want to impose their plan, let them.” “He will have to take responsibility for a reform full of loopholes and delays,” he concluded.

Source: El Diario





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