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PP requests an investigation commission in the Congress on the “mediator’s case”

“A commission of inquiry is needed more than ever to address political accountability in a socialist corruption case full of stings, drugs and prostitutes. This cannot be left without an investigation to find out everything that happened, how far it goes in the PSOE and the parliamentary group. This is what the speaker of the PP Parliament, Kuka Gamara, announced on Wednesday, about the registration of the petition of the commission of inquiry in the Congress. Mediator’s case.

Gamarra assured that the case “totally affects the credibility of the PSOE”. “He doesn’t want anyone to know anything about the plot because he ‘wants to protect himself’ and ‘puts the survival of the government above all else.’ “We are going to guarantee transparency on a matter that embarrasses the public,” he added, so that “the PSOE can give an explanation to all Spaniards.”

The PP claims that the PSOE tried to “cover up” the case. “It seems that the PSOE already knew this and from the beginning tried to minimize the damage and not investigate,” Gamarra noted. “As early as 2022, socialist leaders in the Canary Islands were fired or resigned” because “at that time there was already a police investigation that is currently ongoing”.

“It is very hard to believe that while PSOE leaders and members of the Canary Islands government were leaving or being dismissed, PSOE knew nothing and that this affected the MP,” he added.

Gamarra pointed out that the use of Congress for allegedly illegal business “calls into question” the dignity of the entire chamber and the socialist group in particular. “And who chairs the group is the president and general secretary”, PSOE, Pedro Sánchez. The Secretary-General claims that there is a “lack of example” that should be “required” and go to “results”.

The spokesperson assured that once the petition is registered throughout Wednesday, the PP will contact the rest of the groups to “know their opinion and encourage” them to support the commission of inquiry. Specifically, Gamarra demanded that Podemos “not look the other way” to be in government.

PP criticizes resignations in PSOE

Gamarra criticized the resignations and dismissals that have taken place in the Canary Islands government since 2022. The leaders mentioned the former general director of livestock, health or the former director of sports of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Angel Perez Peña, and that he. According to PP, it is “at the beginning of the investigation”.

The spokesperson noted that “it is very hard to believe that when PSOE leaders and members of the Canary Islands government left or were dismissed, PSOE knew nothing and that a PSOE MP was also affected.”

Gamarra concluded that “an investigation is necessary to find out what happened in the socialist group.” “Everyone involved in this conspiracy should be investigated. And not only in national politics”, because it affects “European funds as well”.

Source: El Diario





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