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Bellara finds it “incomprehensible” that the PSOE is considering reforming the “only yes is yes” law with the PP.

Podemos leader and social rights minister Ione Bellara described it as “incomprehensible” that the PSOE would discuss reforming the “only yes is yes” law with the PP and asked his government partner to return to the negotiating table to “try. to close the deal as soon as possible”. .

“It is absolutely incomprehensible that the Socialist Party is seriously considering reform, which means returning to the criminal code of the herd with the PP on the edge of 8M,” criticized the minister before participating in the act of his party. in Mostoles (Madrid).

Bellara echoed the words of Equality Minister Irene Montero and assured them that they want the government’s proposed agreement to be made public. “What we want is to reach an agreement as soon as possible with a multiracial and feminist majority in Congress and protect what is at the heart of the law, which is consent while responding to social concerns,” he said.

In this sense, he added, there is “no point” in continuing the debate on the reform of the “United We Can” law, as requested by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. “We want them to return to the negotiating table to finalize the agreement,” he said.

“Review” their positions in the war

The Podemos leader also asked the PSOE to “reconsider” its position on the war between Ukraine and Russia, reaffirming the need to open the negotiating table to achieve peace.

“After a year of helping to escalate the war by sending anti-aircraft missiles, defensive and offensive materials, it has been observed that this has not served to stop Putin, which is what we all want,” he noted. Bellara said that we should learn from what happened this year and follow countries like Argentina, Colombia or Brazil that are looking for an alliance of countries for peace.

shopping cart

The social rights minister also insisted that the shopping basket should be cut by 14%, as was the case with fuel, after admitting that Podemos was better off with “price caps”.

“Given PSOE’s opposition to this measure, we have been offered a bonus of 14 percent. This is the measure we need now. Normally, please ask businessmen not to raise prices, that what they are doing with this crisis, they are benefiting much higher, I think it didn’t work out so well,” he said.

Bellara is confident that this new proposal will go ahead “even if it sits”, insisting that it is not a “very weighty” argument for the PSOE to say that the measure is not viable. This has already been done with regard to fuel,” he emphasized.

“It is clear that the government has used a very ambitious social shield that has never been seen in this country, but the shopping basket is still very expensive, much more expensive than general inflation,” he confirmed.

“clear” position

On the achievements of Sumari, the space that Yolanda Díaz is creating, Bellara indicated that his party’s position was “clear”. “We respect Yolanda’s time and we respect the time she needs to articulate her party. And Podemos is going to continue where it has always been, working for unity,” he asserted.

Source: El Diario





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