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Justice ensures government doesn’t account for weapons Spain sells to Saudi Arabia

The Supreme Court has rejected Greenpeace’s appeal against the Ministry of Industry’s refusal to provide information on licenses issued for the export of military material to Saudi Arabia. The judges argue that this is “confidential” information and that the NGO has not justified the “public interest” in requesting the information.

Greenpeace requested data on the issuance of export licenses in Saudi Arabia Alacran mortar carriers, military vehicles containing mortars. A material that has been sold in this country in recent years by various Spanish companies.

The judges chide Greenpeace for “failing to adequately justify the substantial public interest that supports such a claim” when referring to the “confidential nature” of the information. “National security is a constitutional and statutory limit,” the Supreme Court said in response to an NGO’s request for information.

Source: El Diario





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