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It may not be a good idea to anger empty Spain in an election year

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Legislatures are for four years, not three. Therefore, Congress and the Senate should continue to function in 2023, regardless of whether their legislative activity is intensified or reduced. Even if it’s the latter, you should continue to register and hold debates like you did on Tuesday. Pedro Sánchez had a whim to report on the last European summits in a month when Congress closes. I could have waited until February, but I was in a hurry. It is a fact that on Monday the government parties objected to the appearance of several ministers in the permanent delegation. The opposition is always interested in agitation in the parliament.

For next week, Sánchez has booked another Senate appointment, where he could face Alberto Núñez Feijoo directly. He believes he has taken action and must move all the abortion debates to Castile and León. Everyone says that the election campaign has already started and will continue throughout the year. In campaigns, the same themes are repeated to fix in the cerebral cortex of the voter.

The government is not going to quickly archive the issue of Manueko’s indiscretions and her marriage to Vox. This is not the only one. People’s Party members also have assets that they never tire of using.

Sánchez wanted to take the podium at the end of a speech in which he did not contribute anything new or announce future government measures. The debate gave the PP the opportunity to denounce the legal consequences of the Yes Only is Yes law in the legislature. “I want to express my solidarity and support for the victims who see their sex offenders, their abusers and even their murderers benefit from reduced sentences and even get out of prison. And there are already 261 people,” said Kuka Gamara.

The amount of sentence reductions are real, but not the rhetorical heights that Gamara has achieved. He referred to winning the “worst sex predators”. The new law does not change the maximum sentence for rape that the most serious sex offenders usually receive.

In the corridors of Congress, Minister Irene Montero said that the government is working to guarantee the “correct application of the law”. Part of the reason is that some judges make mistakes. The Supreme Court ruled that if judges impose a minimum sentence on a sex offender, it must be adjusted to the new minimum sentence under current law, if it is lower.

In the chamber, Patxi Lopez chose to play it safe and use all her energy to respond to the attack on abortion rights in Castile and León. “There is no government, no state, and no God that can decide on a woman’s body,” Lopez said, raising socialist seats. It’s all well and good about the European summits and Davos, but if they’re campaigning, what better way to get the Baracaldo guy to tear things down and wave flags that will work better in the coming months.

The United We Can group should also think about polls. This time, in a debate that Sánchez chose without coercion, his spokespeople raised the level of criticism of European military aid to Ukraine. Pablo Echenik denounced that the government had already crossed “many lines” in supplying arms to Ukraine when it should have done so in diplomatic talks.

On the day that it became clear that Germany would no longer block the shipment of Leopard tanks to Ukraine by European countries, including Spain, a Podemos spokesman influenced him to make clear his absolute incompatibility with the donation. “This is the way of dialogue (to bet on) and not ask for more tanks,” he said.

Izquierda Unida also wanted to participate in the debate to express their disagreement with Sánchez in the stands. Enrique Santiago said that “we are in a high-risk scenario of a nuclear catastrophe”, while in Europe there is a lot of talk about tanks, but no one is leading any initiative “to conclude a truce, a cease-fire or an agreement”. conflict”.

The approval of the housing law and the reform of the “comprehension law” are two pending issues on which the PSOE and its allies have yet to reach an agreement. Everyone needs this for the next election, except maybe the socialists. What certainly doesn’t sit well with the PSOE at all is that the idea that it is willing to sell out rural Spain in exchange for big headlines about the climate emergency is valid.

The latest anti-crisis decree was easily implemented on Tuesday. Neither PP nor Vox dared to vote against it. This mega-ordinance contained an “exceptional and transitional” measure that excludes the environmental impact statement of renewable energy facilities. This will speed up the procedures, depriving communities of the most important tool to find legal reasons that will allow them to delay an investment if it has invasive consequences in their environment.

Wind power is essential, but sacrifices end up in rural communities so that cities big and small have the clean energy they need. Not so clean for those who live in those places.

In the Congress, Tomas Guitarte presented a project for the deployment of twenty wind farms with 122 self-generators in the eight municipalities of Maestraggo. Environmental controls have been eased to create a “wind bubble,” he said. “Empty Spain cannot sacrifice energy autonomy,” he concluded.

Opening up the Spanish countryside to large investment funds looking to invest in wind power has several advantages in terms of energy supply. But these funds are not represented in the elections of these provinces and the PSOE is.

One might say that giving this flag to the provincial parties and the opposition in dozens of provinces that give the corresponding number of MPs is not the wisest strategy you can choose in an election year. From now on, everything, absolutely everything, depends on voting in the two pending rounds, the regional and municipal rounds in May and the general rounds in November. Self-wind generators are gigantic in size, but the ones who make the noise are the ones who live nearby.

Source: El Diario


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