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Marbella mayor demands €50,000 from for ‘attack on his dignity’

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has gone to court to sue and three of its journalists for attacking his “honour, dignity and personal image”. Muñoz is demanding €50,000 in solidarity from the defendants for ten “defamatory, insulting and offensive” articles.

The lawsuit points to information released by the media on three issues: the prosecution of Muñoz’s husband and stepmother in an international drug-trafficking case, the mayor’s wife’s vast fortune, and the emails that fueled the anti-prosecution case. – Corruption that has been archived.

Pursuant to the Civil Procedure Law, the 69th Investigative Court of Madrid issued a summons for the conciliatory act between the plaintiff and the defendants, scheduled for February 14. revealed on October 23 that Lars Gunnar Broberg was being prosecuted for drug money laundering and for belonging to a criminal organization, but National Court Judge Manuel García Castellón ordered the case against him to be dropped because of his jurisdiction. He mentally prevented himself from defending himself. Broberg has been the husband of the current mayor of Marbella for three decades.

The same information indicated that Joachim Peter Broberg, one of the couple’s two stepsons from a previous relationship with Lars Gunnar Broberg, was also being prosecuted for drug trafficking, money laundering and membership in a criminal organization. This and other information, which is likely to threaten the dignity of the mayor, comes from the summary of the case.

Similarly, the mayor of Marbella seeks to challenge the work of an analysis of his assets carried out by, which, according to a conservative calculation, showed that Muñoz has amassed more than 12 million euros in assets, despite the fact that he is involved professionally. In politics since 1994. In his lawsuit, Ángeles Muñoz claims that the 50,000 euros he is seeking from and three solidarity journalists will go to Caritas Marbella.

In his lawsuit, the mayor’s lawyer also points to two publications on about emails sent and/or received at the address Muñoz used during his tenure as mayor. The email appeared in a 2017 complaint filed with the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office following an investigation.

They showed that the company of a friend of the mayor’s wife’s wife, which was involved in the same operation against the drug-trafficking network, submitted the reward offer through Muñoz’s wife herself, and not through the channels established for the rest of the competition, and that was it. granted. In another message, the director of a local media outlet described Muñoz paying for advertisements in his newspaper through fake invoices.

Muñoz, on his own behalf and on behalf of the Marbella City Hall, sent a notarized request to in November, demanding that it provide the media within ten days with the emails it had in its possession showing signs of corruption. Or else, he warned, he could file a whistleblower complaint. Muñoz also requested that news of a 2017 anti-corruption complaint be expunged based on the content of emails he received or sent over several years. promptly replied to Muñoz that it would not provide material used to carry out its news work. So far, has not received any notification of a claim for disclosure of secrets or any other crime, apart from a claim for violation of the right to honor.


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