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Sánchez proclaims “Spain’s economic success” and warns the PP that “rights are not in question”.

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Pedro Sánchez once again vindicated this afternoon in Congress his government’s management of the two economic crises at the head of the legislature. The president insisted that amid the “every man for himself” policy of the right, the coalition executive has become the European benchmark for implementing measures that represent a social solution to these crises. “We don’t choose crises, but we choose how to deal with them. We do this by protecting those at the bottom, demanding more effort from the top,” he said.

Sánchez highlighted the series of accolades the Spanish economy received at last week’s summit in Davos. “During my stay, I had to repeatedly answer two questions: what were the recipes for ‘Spanish economic success’ literally stated by the organizers, and if I thought they could serve as an example for other countries.”

The president emphasized that, amid the cuts made by PP governments during the financial crisis, Spain is now a European benchmark for its economic model. “Today, Spain exports solutions to the entire European Union,” he assured the so-called About the Iberian solution for gas price control, which the opposition called the “Iberian scam” at the time.

In a speech to Congress, he also reiterated that Spain “continues to be by Ukraine’s side” both in terms of military and humanitarian aid, and praised the work of the Ukrainian people during Putin’s invasion: “Ukraine is not only resisting the aggressor: also resisting the reactionary discourse that calls into question the European the values ​​of the project,” he noted, before pointing to those repeating the same discourse in Spain.

“This speech means a return to black and white times. I tell everyone here at the seat of national sovereignty that they will never succeed. That conquered rights are not questioned: they are defended, defended and exercised. And if others, out of fear or post-election calculations, tremble in their defense, I tell them that the hand of the government will never tremble. We won’t give up a centimeter,” he said, clearly referring to the controversy over the anti-abortion protocol that the far-right tried to impose in Castilla y León.

Source: El Diario


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