Feijo limits his opinion that the list with the most votes limits the councils

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijo, presented this Monday the surprise of the institutional declaration and, by the way, no questions asked, the regeneration proposal, which includes, among other measures, a proposal to change the law and the majority vote. elections. But only in municipalities. This approach will not affect regional, regional or general elections. As the leader himself said last week, when he already expected the idea, he would use it as and when he “interested”.

Feijoo made the announcement in a purposefully chosen setting: the Oratory of San Felipe Neri, in Cádiz, where in 1812 the first Spanish constitution, known as La Pepa, was signed. In a short speech read, the Galician leader paid tribute to the “liberals” who, at the dawn of the 19th century, wrote a constitution that was very advanced by the standards of the time. And he tried to show that today these liberals would be in the PP.

The PP leader said that this Monday he would take “a step forward at a crucial moment for Spanish democracy”, that he was experiencing “turbulence”, even though “the vast majority identify with the constitutional values ​​and want them to remain standing”. “We are a nation of moderates We are on the side of the majority,” he said, dressed in black and standing in front of the baroque altar, which houses one of Murillo’s most relevant works. Immaculate Conception.

Feijoo announced a total of 60 specific measures, which the PP has not yet made public, in five main axes and which include, among others, the restoration of the crimes of sedition, embezzlement and illegal referendum; to limit the use of royal decree law, regulate the debate on the state of the nation and open a vague “Office of Democratic and Legislative Quality”; That the mayor’s office will fall to “the candidate with the most direct public support” is not specifically defined to be “institutional and frequent communication with the leader of the opposition” as well as “prohibition of using public resources for party activities”. ; Regarding the judiciary, Galician suggests “limiting the revolving door” and “increasing independence requirements in the CGPJ and the Constitutional Court”, as well as “imposing a five-year mandate on the Prosecutor General” “in order to separate him”. government”. Finally, it wants to introduce criteria for “fitness to lead regulatory bodies” and legal changes to “ensure the credibility and independence of the institutions” referred to by “CIS, INE, CNI and RTVE”.

The most votes… only in the town halls

Most of the proposals raised by Feijóo are not new and have been used by the PP in recent months. But there is some news, at least since the Galician came to the leadership of the Spanish right: to restore the idea of ​​the most votes.

However, Feijóo has already indicated last week that the idea will not be used in general, but will be limited to municipal elections, leaving out regional, island, regional and general elections. In this case, according to the PP proposal, whoever added more could rule. For example, the one with Vox.

Or Ayuso, to whom it already happened in 2019. Both Madrid’s president and the capital’s mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, came second in elections four years ago and came to power after a deal with Ciudadano and the far-right. That year PSOE won regionals, and Más Madrid won municipals. Ayuso agreed to his investment with Vox again in 2021, but then he won.

Perhaps that is why the president of Madrid ignored his leader’s proposal this morning. The President of Madrid assured in an interview on Antena 3 that he “doesn’t see anything wrong” that whoever gets the most support from the plenary (municipal, regional or national) governs and is not the one who wins the elections. In fact, Ayuso is talking about “blocks”, the signifier that Feiyo is running from.

In any case, both of them considered that the project is not feasible and agreed that it cannot be used. Feijoo noted that “ SanchismoBecause, according to him, they will only receive “disdain, disqualification and lies” from the government. Ayuso extended it to “left”.

PSOE denies… and digs into the wound

PSOE’s reaction did not take long. In Ferran, they believe that the PP leader’s proposal is a distraction maneuver to divert attention from his agreements with the far right and does not give him any credibility or political path. “She doesn’t believe in it, and she doesn’t even support it in her own party,” Pilar Alegría, a spokeswoman for the Socialist executive, said at a press conference on Monday, referring to Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who is distancing herself. measurement, Reported by Jose Enrique Monros.

“Before Feijo presented the proposal in Cádiz, another representative of the PP, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, had already come out to destroy the proposal,” stressed Alegria, who points to Feijo’s career as leader of the Galician PP to recall who already. Make decisions contrary to what is needed now.

“Feiyo is from Ourense and in Ourense he ordered the third list to be given the mayorship, even though the leader of the PSdG asked him in a letter to run the list with the most votes,” he stressed, before noting that “the least one can ask of a political party to be coherent in the presentation of the proposal”.

Source: El Diario





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