The government agrees with Castilla y León’s response to the request, but warns that it will act if it insists on an anti-abortion plan.

The government takes into effect the official response of the executive of Castilla y León to the official request sent by Moncloa and which required an explanation of the anti-abortion measures announced in the event of a possible invasion of the government. In an official statement, the Secretary of State for Communications confirms that “the government believes that the regional executive has officially complied with the request, as this autonomous community has refrained from accepting and using these material actions, or leaving them in vain. Protocols, agreements, instruments, or communications that, through an invasion of state power, are inconsistent with state regulations and undermine the rights of women protected by our legal system.”

In the same statement, Moncloa confirms that it has received a “formal compliance document” from the government of Castile and Leon, which the government believes “represents a formal rectification of the intention originally expressed by the government of Castile and Leon. to continue according to what was announced on January 12 and what was announced in the following days.

However, the central executive acknowledges “its concern about the statements and statements of the highest officials of Castilla de Castilla y León”, referring to the words of a representative of the regional executive, where he assured that the junta was not giving up. plans. “The Autonomous Government of Castile and León maintains its intention to go beyond what is established in the Organic Law of 2010, which clearly contradicts the content of the official documentation sent, (…) a circumstance that the Spanish Government will not tolerate or agree to under any circumstances.”

For this reason, Moncloa warns that the next step will be to send a new letter, this time from the Ministry of the President and addressed to the Minister of the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, in which “he will be reminded once. Once again, it is against the current legislation and our constitutional order of the distribution of powers that the Autonomous Community takes any measure that aims to force, indicate, suggest, recommend or propose to pregnant women who have freely decided to terminate their pregnancy or have not expressly declared it. Their intention is to end this, using any type of ultrasound test outside of indications supported by scientific evidence and included in clinical practice guidelines.”

Despite the confirmation of the official response of the CEO Alfonso Fernández Manueco, the central government warns that if from now on “the government of Castile and Leon carries out its intention to act outside the current regulatory framework regarding the voluntary termination of pregnancy, the Spanish government will act, as it does today, to protect its own authority and all Castilian-Leoneans For the full use of women’s rights and freedoms. For this reason, the statement concludes that the government “reserves the option to take as many legal actions as it deems appropriate” in the future.

“Protection of women’s rights wins”

In Moncloa, they see the result of the clash with the government of Castile and Leon as a political victory. “The government stopped the Junta de Castilla y León’s first attempts to impose measures that reduce women’s rights and violate the 2010 Organic Law. “The government’s defense of women’s freedom to exercise their rights is a sexual triumph.” and Reproductive,” central executive value sources.

However, the Presidency of the Government confirms that they are worried because the PP “continues to look for a formula that responds to the demands of its Vox partners”. And for this reason, they reiterate: “We will not tolerate another attempt to roll back and limit women’s rights and freedoms and violate the Organic Law on Sexual and Reproductive Health and the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy.”

Source: El Diario





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