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Feijo claims Vox ‘doesn’t have the power to talk’ about abortion in Castile and Leon

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijo, spoke for the first time this Tuesday after the controversy started last Thursday in Castilla y León about the anti-abortion measures proposed by Vox, including the use of 4D or listening to the fetal heartbeat. . “The one who governs in an autonomous community is its president,” Fayo said in an interview on the Madrid TV program 120 minutes, “and in the field of health, which is very technical, since the president is the minister of health and others from the government are not allowed to talk about it,” he noted He referred to Vox.

Feijo described Vox’s words about the controversy in Castilla y León as “a collection of comments” that “have no interest” and, in line with the words of other PP members, indicated that it is a “crude attempt to manipulate”. Government led by Pedro Sánchez. “This debate is very clear that it’s good for the government because it’s trying to confuse people,” he added, later suggesting he “believes” Vox is wrong in his arguments.

Thus, the PP president limited himself to supporting the words of the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Maniueco, to reiterate that the protocols will not change: “No woman who wants to terminate a pregnancy can be forced. in accordance with applicable law. No one and no one can prevent this concept,” he said.

In addition to the controversy in Castilla y León and the question of what changes he would make to the abortion law if he was in power, Feijo pointed out that the “essential inconsistency” that the party he leads in relation to the current law on abortion is “that minors who cannot decide Adoption without the consent of the parents, they should not have the opportunity to decide to terminate the pregnancy.” Thus, the leader of the opposition expressed that the opposite situation may also happen, and young women want to have a child and their parents ask them to have an abortion. In this case, the PP president makes a bet that ” “Girls can have children even if their parents are against it.”

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