The blizzard that hit Northern Ireland on Monday caused a leading Labor politician to miss an important vote in the House of Commons.

Lammy’s David Lammy was based in Derry after heavy snow caused his flight to London to be cancelled.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary tweeted: “Stuck in Derry today as my flight canceled due to snow so disappointed I can’t vote against @Conservative terrible bill for planned nurse layoffs.

“This horrific attack on workers’ fundamental freedoms must be stopped.”

Large parts of north-west Northern Ireland were covered in snow on Monday and freezing temperatures made travel extremely difficult.

The controversial strike minimum benefits bill was debated in the House of Commons on Monday night, with Labor backbenchers opposing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s “draconian” new law that would allow the government to impose minimum staffing levels during public service breaks.

As MPs debated the bill, hundreds of protesters – including RMT leader Mick Lynch – gathered outside Downing Street to vent their anger.

Mr Lammy was in Derry with Northern Ireland’s shadow minister Peter Kyle and shadow cabinet secretary Baroness Chapman and visited the port of Foyle.

During the tour, the three Labor politicians met local businesses at the port, which handles two million tonnes of cargo a year.

They were on a fact-finding mission as the UK and EU moved closer to an agreement on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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