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The Constitutional Court will examine PP’s appeal against the law on abortion at the first plenary session in February.

At the plenary session of the Constitutional Court, it will study the complaint that PP submitted against the law on abortion almost 13 years ago. He will do so at the first meeting to be held next February, between the 7th, 8th and 9th of the same month. At the second plenary session, which will be held at the end of February, there will be a debate on the law on euthanasia, which came into force two years ago.

It was the first measure taken by the new Constitutional Court after renewing its four members and establishing a progressive majority, unprecedented in a decade, with Magistrate Candido Conde-Pompido as the new president. One of its aims, sources close to the bail court explained since its partial revamp, was to block cases that had been sitting in magistrates’ boxes for years without a conviction.

In the case of abortion, the law went into effect in 2010 during the second legislative term of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and the PP complaint was filed in the middle of the same year. Since then, the case has been handed over to magistrate Andres Olero, a former MP from the Popular Party, who left the court in 2021 during its last renewal. The current editor of the newspaper is also conservative Enrique Arnaldo.

The euthanasia law came into effect in 2021 and was included in the constitution by both Vox and the PP, although the far-right party failed in its attempt to preemptively suspend the rule.

Another executive rule challenged by Vox is also on the Constitutional Court’s agenda: the Celaa Education Law. One of the presentations, as revealed by, envisages an agreement with Santiago Abascal’s party.

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